LA New Product Development Team

LA New Product Development Team

LA New Product Development Team is a cross-functional organization of talented engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs. LA NPDT helps turn business dreams into reality by providing high quality new product development related services.

Company Overview

LA NPDT started its journey as a student organization formed by Konstantin Dolgan and Onega Ulanova at Louisiana Tech University in 2014. Both Konstantin and Onega moved to the United States from Kazakhstan with a dream of getting their graduate degrees in Engineering. The school allowed them to meet passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated people who wanted to make an impact. By leveraging their education in engineering and experience in business and management, the couple started a student organization named LA New Product Development Team. Two years later the organization evolved into a company. The first office opened its doors in Shreveport, Louisiana on the 26th of September, 2016.

About LA New Product Development Team

HQ Location
Shreveport, LA

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