Mako Design + Invent

Mako Design + Invent

MAKO Design + Invent is a full-service consumer product development firm servicing small product businesses and early-stage invention startups. With a 25-person team across 4 offices (Austin, Miami, Toronto, and soon Shanghai), MAKO has complete in-house industrial design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, patent referral, prototyping, and manufacturing services. To assist their start-up inventor clients, in addition to above, they help with patenting, strategy, marketing, and sales/distribution for all consumer product categories.

Company Overview

Established in 1999, MAKO Design + Invent was founded to provide inventors with end-to-end invention development support, enabling them to take their ideas from concept to store shelves. Working with inventors, product developers, and enterprise clients, MAKO Invent's experts support their partners in moving from concept to design, prototype to patents, then manufacturing to market. MAKO's team of product professionals pride themselves on long-term partnerships with home inventors, commercial product developers and manufacturers, universities, patent attorneys, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, web developers, media outlets, and more. Looking to the future, MAKO Invent continues its commitment to being a hub for world class excellence in innovation and invention entrepreneurship through its campus, inventor, and enterprise product development programs.

About Mako Design + Invent

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Austin, TX

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