KozyFurniture WhiteGlove4Less

KozyFurniture WhiteGlove4Less

Kozy & Green is the leader in environmentally responsible furniture and logistics organization in the world.

Company Overview

After being trained in the late 1970s at Art Van Furniture in Detroit, Larry Kozin ventured out to Los Angeles to develop the KozyFurniture brand. What started in humble beginnings in a 500sf store in Torrance has evolved to hundreds of outlets and thousands of independent brokers and stylists, after Larry had a chance meeting on the golf course with John Bellave in Las Vegas. What they saw was that logistics and delivery was their biggest challenge, and it became their greatest opportunity, with the formation of WhiteGlove4Less. Instead of overpaying for sub-standard service, WG4L, is an owner-operated network of drivers and installation specialists expanding nationwide. This foundation attracted a "Level 5" CEO, Mr. Ted Kantor, who is transforming the company into the the best in the world, environmentally responsible furniture and logistics organization and rebranded as Kozy & Green.

About KozyFurniture WhiteGlove4Less

HQ Location
Las Vegas, NV

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