Qnary is an executive reputation growth management company that manages the day-to-day digital media activity of executives through its technology, content network and proprietary processes.

Company Overview

Qnary is the premium platform for executive social media management and employee advocacy solutions. In 2012, Qnary was launched with the simple goal of optimizing the digital footprint of executives. Over the last few years, they've used this mission to become a leading global player in workforce advocacy technology and solutions. Since then, they've recruited an amazing team of developers and worked with several of the largest companies in the world. Qnary - Empowering the Voice of the Professional.

About Qnary

HQ Location
New York, NY

Cloudbreak Health

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Cloudbreak is a language access and telehealth company that has been around for over 16 years.

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The Leadership Development Group (TLD Group) is a global health industry talent development consultancy creating highly engaged and empowered leaders and teams across the health ecosystem.

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