RapidVisa Incorporated

RapidVisa Incorporated

RapidVisa is an online-based service that streamlines the US immigration process with technology and full-support. For over a decade, the company has provided low cost full-service immigration solutions to over 45,000 customers.

Company Overview

In 2007, founder Ben Ives searched online for a service that would allow him to process immigration documents to bring his wife Jocelyn to the United States from the Philippines. However, no one had offered this service in the automated way he had envisioned. Thus, RapidVisa was founded. RapidVisa has now helped nearly 50,000 people process their immigration applications from 188 countries. While they offer help with many petition types, they specialize in family reunification type visas. RapidVisa's real strength lies in the extensive support they provide to their clients for a fixed, one-time fee. Whether their client's petition takes four months or two years, they continue to support them through the entire process for one low-fixed fee and a money back guarantee.

About RapidVisa Incorporated

HQ Location
Las Vegas, NV

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