Elena Kinane

Managing Director, Greenheart Organic Farms

Elena Kinane is the master farmer behind Greenheart Organic Farms, which she founded in 2011. Having grown up in Bavaria, she spent much time in an organic vegetable garden, which has led to a life-long passion and commitment to organic farming and leading a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle. As is often the case with successful launches, Greenheart was founded as a solution to a personal problem: the challenge of finding good quality produce in the UAE. Starting as a small venture to cater for friends and family, followed by the local community, word spread and demand grew, and inevitably, planted the seed for a full-scale business.


Starting a Business

Ethics First: Forgoing Quick Wins for Long-Term Venture Success

Instead of investing into expensive, purely sales-driven marketing campaigns, we've chosen a gentler, more holistic approach as our long-term strategy.

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