Jasmine Navarro


Jasmine Navarro is a certified family coach and qualified teacher with 17 years of international work experience. She is the founder of Nava, a coaching company focused on helping teenagers and adults flourish. Through her coaching and Creative Confidence program, she is on a mission to teach the key tools and techniques that prepare teenagers and adults to manage the pressures of modern life. Besides providing resources to empower and educate employees to manage their family lives and also enable them to thrive in the workplace, she also delivers workshops to individuals and companies to build confidence and resilience around wellbeing challenges. She also works closely with educational institutions supporting teachers, students and parents, and her coaching program can also be implemented by educators, coaches, and counsellors across the globe to use with their clients. 



Taking Charge (In The Face Of Uncertainty): How Proactive Coping Can Help Entrepreneurs Succeed

Being proactive means investing in your future, putting in a bit more effort upfront, so that any problems that do occur will have less impact, leaving you and your business able to survive and thrive.


Six Ways To Manage Loneliness As An Entrepreneur

Ultimately, keeping yourself happy and fulfilled will help you to sustain your passion and energy for your business, and steer it to success.

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