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A Revamp Is Underway: Kuwait Gets Ready For Take Off As It Invests Heavily In Its Tourism Sector

Kuwait's government announced a five-year development plan for its tourism industry back in 2011, and hopes to turn the country into a popular location for leisure, given that most of its travelers come in for business.


Get In On The Action: GamePlaySport's Jad Berri Wants You On Board

Berri describes GamePlaySport as an "online aggregator for sports" that "helps people find sports to do in town easily as well as support sport clubs increase participation to their classes.

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Jordan Plans To Go Nuclear With Russian Rosatom

Jordan announced the construction of its first ever nuclear power plant in late March of this year, indicating that 49% of it will be funded by Rosatom, a nuclear firm owned by the Russian state.

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YouTube Roadshow Visits Lebanon To Coach Creatives

In a region where over two hours of content is uploaded every minute, it's no surprise that YouTube has set its sights on MENA-based channels.


Beat It: Musician Andy Shoniker Double-Times As An App Founder... And It's Paying Off

Drummer Andy Shoniker was working on polyrhythms and felt that the course's textbook didn't really help.

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Blackwater Guards Sentenced To Prison For Nisour Square Slayings

14 unarmed Iraqi civilians were killed when four Blackwater guards fired live ammunition and threw grenades into Nisour Square in Baghdad in 2007.