Mitchell Prather

Managing Director, Djembe Communications

Mitchell Prather is the Managing Director of Djembe Communications. He brings over 25 years of international financial and corporate communications experience gained in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and the Middle East. He joined Djembe from Grayling, where he headed the agency’s African and Middle East operations. Previously, Prather worked at Mubadala Development Company, where he managed all communications related to M&A deals and international financing activities. He was also the lead of corporate communication requirements of key portfolio company assets and employee engagement. Prior to joining Mubadala, Prather served as Joint Managing Director of Golin Harris where he co-led a 28-strong pan-GCC corporate communications consultancy.


Growth Strategies

How To Crisis-Proof Your Business

Managing your reputation is important, and new business owners need to understand the importance of crisis preparedness as a central element of their business plan.

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