Natalia Sycheva

Founder and Managing Director, Integra Seven

Natalia Sycheva is the founder and Managing Director of Integra Seven, an enterprise that helps large and legacy organizations with the evolution and revolution of their business models, by creating new services, establishing new units, and building human capacity to run business efficiently. The company believes in public-private partnerships, and considers it a privilege to work with governmental organizations on public policy advancement through research and program management. Integra Seven is also passionate about nurturing entrepreneurship ecosystems around the world through our work with private and public sector initiatives, universities, venture capitalists, and, of cause, entrepreneurs. 



The Shifting Landscape Of Employee Loyalty: What Employers Need To Know About Keeping Their Employees

The evolving landscape of the modern world has reshaped workplace loyalty, and today, it is measured by a different yardstick- impact.

Growth Strategies

Keeping It Real: Lessons From 2020 (Through The Lens Of Dubai's Startup Ecosystem)

Consistent action, executed relentlessly, will always pay off, at the time of any change.

Growth Strategies

The Rise Of The Space Economy (And The Opportunities It Presents For the UAE)

It's no secret that the UAE's space ambitions have excited both citizens and residents of the country, as it takes some extraordinary steps ahead in realizing a better future for us all. Indeed, we are at the tipping point of the creation of a new industry revolving around space.

Growth Strategies

On Dubai Startup Hub's Third Anniversary, A Look Back At The Lessons Learnt Building This Entrepreneurial Community In The Middle East

"With Dubai Startup Hub, it was about building the bridge to the future for all- established companies, family businesses, entrepreneurial individuals, and technology innovators by creating platforms for collaboration."

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