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This Restaurant Is Making Strides At This Beach Heaven French entrepreneurs Aymeric Clemente and Rémi Laba combined their extensive hospitality experience to create what Bagatelle Miami Beach

By Shishir Jajoo

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Dining in Miami is full of surprises. It's full of high-ticket prices and sweet mom-and-pop places that won't break the bank, celebrity chefs with flashy outposts, and homegrown talents who've made a name for themselves. When visiting Miami, the eclectic nature of the destination, particularly its dining culture, can make it very hard for a local or traveler to pick out a perfect spot to dine. However, there is a new restaurant in town, Bagatelle, which is reinventing the way Miami views fine dining.

To give some background, Bagatelle gives restaurant enthusiasts a French Mediterranean dining experience in the heart of South Beach at the esteemed Ritz-Carlton South Beach. People enjoy their time at Bagatelle because it is the perfect blend of French Mediterranean cuisine, combined with an atmosphere that highlights the sultry South Beach culture. The ambience embodies a grand Parisian bistro, with its classic decor and bold artwork, but with festive South Beach elements. The best part is that there is live music making this the perfect place for any celebration or even a girls' night out.

The founders of Bagatelle Miami Beach are Aymeric Clemente and Rémi Laba, who met in New York City in the early 2000s and decided to join forces. These two French entrepreneurs combined their extensive hospitality experience to create what Bagatelle proudly is now, starting in New York and now back in Miami after a two year hiatus. By drawing on their respective experiences in the hospitality world, the duo envisioned a place that celebrates the South of France's festive spirit, generous cuisine, and warm atmosphere. The group's CMO Constance Nacfaire de Saint Paulet sums up the Bagatelle philosophy as "sharing festive moments of joie de vivre around our tables."

In essence, Bagatelle brings Miami Beach a feeling that it has yet to experience, mirroring an experience that can only be found in the South of France until now. The club-like atmosphere will make you feel the Miami energy, and the fantastic food will keep you craving for more.
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