4 Step Process To Success In The Digital Marketing Space

According to founder of Elite Agency Growth, Giuliano Gonzalez, focusing on client satisfaction, working hard and having the right team are the keys to success.

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By Sahil Dahiya

Giuliano Gonzalez

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The world was already becoming a global village with Internet connecting almost every corner of the planet, and the pandemic has only expedited the process. In this connected world, digital marketing has become the go-to tool for any business. However, adopting the right digital strategy is of paramount importance.

Giuliano Gonzalez is the founder and CEO of Elite Agency Growth, one of Australia's fastest-growing digital Public Relation Agencies. He has proven that adopting some simple, yet powerful, tactics can help in building a robust digital marketing agency in a short span of time.
Focus on your clients and not on your own needs

When it comes to client satisfaction, Giuliano stresses how important it is to give clients what they need rather than what they want. Some PR agencies might provide their clients the things that they requested or paid for and do what is in their process. That's what separates Elite Agency Growth because Giuliano always looks for the missing pieces in his client's request and tailors accordingly depending on their current needs.

As mentioned in the article Influencive, "One must understand the importance of client delivery and customer service before focusing on your own needs". Giuliano talks to his clients every day to make sure that they are happy and that he highlights their story and career and not his own.

Your struggles are a part of your learning process

At the age of 13, Giuliano moved to Sydney from his hometown in Chile and started working in different jobs to help his family. He ended up working in a real estate agency where he learned the importance of client acquisition and the importance of customer service. He then set off to produce his own podcast with his friend where they interview millennials who are crushing the status quo with their business insights, tips, strategies, and how they keep their clients happy. Using these tips and the knowledge he has in keeping customers happy, Giuliano decided to build a business that manages podcasts which eventually did not last long.

Struggling to keep up with his personal expenses and having to deal with losing the business, he quickly set up a team to come up with a solution that quickly changed his career and business to what is known today as Elite Agency Growth and is one of Australia's fastest-growing digital PR agencies in 2021.

Find a team who thinks like you and value your clients more

Let's admit that all successful businesses don't run by having a one-man team. Giuliano acknowledges the importance of having a team that you can trust and relay upon when trying to scale and provide the best possible customer service.

Always look for opportunities to grow

One amazing skill that Giuliano has is to look for more opportunities. These opportunities may not always be in line with the business but he always finds a way to make it work. Just like he was once a podcast producer, he found the gap to help entrepreneurs & personal brands get their names out and found. He sees the value of helping his clients gain credibility, exposure, and authority within their niche. Today, hundreds of clients are enjoying the online success of their brands with Elite Growth Agency. As Giuliano says, "our client's success is our success".

Sahil Dahiya

Entrepreneur and E-commerce Strategist

Sahil Dahiya is a serial entrepreneur and branding specialist. He also serves as a real estate investor and business consultant. He presently serves as the owner of The Brand Castle - Specialist in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Design & Development and more.

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