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How This Agency Has Carved A Unique Place For Itself In The PR Industry In an industry in which hyperbole reigns supreme, there is one agency whose results speak louder than words.

By Alex Bodra

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Ascend Agency was launched with a simple yet powerful goal to help people globally grow their visions.

The Ascend Agency, founded in 2020 by CEO Jonathan Jadali, swiftly carved a unique place for itself. Internationally recognized for its media services, the agency established partnerships with influential media outlets, including Billboard, USA Today, and GQ.

Ascend Agency was launched with a simple yet powerful goal to help people globally grow their visions. Employing a storytelling approach, Jadali has catapulted brands from relative obscurity to high visibility through Ascend's array of services. This includes public relations strategies and content marketing that inspire action while generating global connections. Jadali's focus on growing businesses by amplifying their unique stories has since become the agency's mission.

Jadali elaborates, "At Ascend, we believe in the power of stories and the people behind them. We are here not just to change the game but to redefine it altogether."

However, it is the agency's unique philosophy revolving around unity and integration that is transforming the industry. More than just service providers, the agency takes the time to integrate itself into each client's journey toward success. For example, Ascend goes beyond asking their clients about their media goals. Instead, they take a collaborative deep dive with their clients to define their ultimate goals for media coverage. It is only when there is clarity and alignment against these goals that Ascend develops the most efficient and effective path to get them there.

Ascend further separates itself from traditional PR agencies by offering an "a la carte" style of services. This flexibility allows clients to avoid long-term partnerships or retainer fees, which are typical industry requirements. This approach opens doors to a broader range of clientele, regardless of budget constraints. Moreover, at Ascend, clients enjoy a hands-on and customized experience. Ascend works closely with each client, involving them in every step of the process. The result is a personalized and accelerated journey toward the clients' desired goals.

Ascend's unique B2B business model has turned heads as they have become a go-to resource for other PR agencies. Ascend Agency undertook the formidable challenge of securing exclusive contracts with large-scale media holding companies with the collective expertise of partners Brauch Owens, Amir Bakian, George Nellist, and Evan Arroyo.

Ascend's success has not gone unnoticed. Over three years, it racked up numerous awards, including the Hermes Award, Muse Award, Business Intelligence Group Award, Viddy Award, and the W3 Award. They've also been ranked in PRovoke Medias Top 250 global public relations agencies becoming the third fastest growing in the United States for 2023.

Looking ahead, Ascend Agency envisions exponential growth. Jadali states, "Our aspiration is to bring a non-traditional PR approach to our clients, continually revolutionizing the PR industry."


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