Radiologists Name Nanox As a 'Game Changing' Technology At RSNA 2020 A recorded testimonial at the Nanox RSNA booth included support statements for the Nanox technology by Norbert Pelc, Ph.D., from Stanford University; Ehsan Samei Ph.D., from Duke University; Geoffrey Rubin MD, MBA, FACR - University of Arizona; and Peter Dawson Ph.D. from UCL Hospitals in the UK

By Sudip Mazumdar

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The annual RSNA conference of the Radiology Society of North America is attracting thousands of the global lead radiologists and industry vendors each year. The conference is regarded as the top professional assembly of anything relating to medical imaging and radiology science. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic the conference is held in a virtual setting.

Nanox Imaging (NASDAQ:NNOX) is one of the rising stars in the field of radiology that has attracted the global spotlight earlier this year when claimed to develop a digital x-ray source to replace the 125-year old analog tube invented by Wilhelm Röntgen in the 19th century.

An X-ray digital source has been the holy grail of the radiology industry for the past five decades and the aim of multiple failed attempts by giants. Nanox's claim to have solved the challenges has been accepted with a grain of salt and a good measure of professional and street skepticism. Despite the company's stellar IPO on NASDAQ earlier this year, some reports have voiced concerns about the validity of the Nanox solution.

Nanox founder and CEO, Ran Poliakine, has pushed back on the naysayers' skepticism promising on record that the company will unveil its technology in a live event during the RSNA conference on December 3 and "crush' any remaining doubts about its validity.

While the event is still a few days out, top global radiologists have come to actively support the Nanox claim and stated that Nanox has a "game changing' technology on recorded video testimonials presented in the Nanox virtual booth at the RSNA. Apparently these experts have been actively working with Nanox as advisory board members to promote the commercialization of the Nanox technology over the past years with the aim of introducing this revolution to the industry upon maturity.

If Nanox has indeed developed a digitally controlled X-ray tube, this will represent a complete revolution in the medical imaging space allowing for smaller, cheaper and way more affordable medical imaging devices that will answer the massive unmet need for imaging systems and months of wait times for radiology results that are prevalent today in most parts of the world.

The radiologists supporting Nanox have expressed their belief in the Nanox solution to do just that and lead a global revolution of medical imaging in the world. This is definitely one of the most exciting and controversial companies today and we will be covering the unfolding of their story as it happens.

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