Top Five Ed-tech Trends to Look Forward to in 2019 Ed-tech is penetrating education systems around the world, and it's almost impossible to separate digital and traditional learning methods in today's times

By Michal Borkowski

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Homework, tests and exams are all synonymous with education. The aim is usually to get the work done, but to get it done with quality content has often been a task. Here's where ed-tech has stepped in, as an interesting and efficient way to get solutions and promote discussions via peer-to-peer learning. This is steering students toward being more motivated to learn, and parents toward better resources to help their kids out. While answers to most of the questions are readily available online, the chaotic nature of the inter-web makes the process hard. The advent of crowd learning platforms has emerged as a solution to this by facilitating the process through an aggregation of all such information under a single domain, making the sources more reliable.

With such developments already in active use, here are the trends that are projected to define the rapidly growing ed-tech sector in 2019:

Parents are depending more on online resources

Kids often depend on their parents to help them out with work that they bring home, or with understanding a topic they find difficult. For parents, going back to subject matter from school is not the easiest, given the ever-changing curriculum, and the number of subjects and projects kids have to work on these days. Online resources provide faster ways of absorbing a number of "new" topics, as well as refreshers for subjects that need to be brushed up on. Thus, parents have increasingly begun going beyond the textbook to help their kids out, and learn something for themselves in the process.

Streamlined learning and quality over quantity

Two things students (and their parents) want for their studies and general knowledge are accurate information and reliable sources to obtain this information from. It's not always ideal to look through multiple sources, and try and determine the authenticity for yourself. Ed-tech firms have come up with a solution in the form of streamlined platforms where teachers, experts, students and parents can provide and ask for information on any topic. Moderators and verified volunteers from these websites check content for accuracy and consistency. This provides a good amount of security in terms of knowing that you're adding quality information to your bank of knowledge.

Greater learning with peers - virtually

Some people are good at one or two subjects, while finding other subjects challenging. Having a shared platform means shared knowledge and crowd learning, where those who are experts in particular subjects can help others to grasp topics that they are new to or struggling with. A 2017 report by McKinsey & Company, states that one-size-fits-all teaching doesn't train children to think intensively or critically in an increasingly digital world. Peers in physical classrooms may not always be able to help, and so, online platforms which various people can access anytime of the day come in handy. Solutions and information are also debated on these platforms, which can facilitate deeper learning and introduce diverse perspectives regarding not just the homework questions but toward a greater contextual knowledge of the topic or subject.

Online tutoring is on the rise

With private tutors being expensive and the scope for flexibility limited, online tutoring provides an effective solution to students at a price that is more affordable. Online learning platforms are offering tutoring services as well, meaning you have both open discussions for doubts, and a tutor to help you dive deeper into a subject and grasp important information. Those who are home-schooled can benefit from this a lot, too. The streamlined learning experience is getting students more involved and interested, thereby making learning an easier and more enjoyable process.

Increase in use of video content

Video-based content is increasingly gaining momentum as an effective way of learning in recent times. Videos make for a quick way to absorb information that may otherwise be spread across over a few lessons in class. Interesting infographics and additional facts in videos also help students retain more of the information they consume. All of this is possible thanks to the large numbers in which video content is available today.

There are thousands of videos uploaded every day by people around the world. From academicians, to bloggers and social media influencers - everyone is immersed in the world of video content. It's no surprise that students would prefer this with their studies too. Professors have also begun opening up to the idea of recorded lessons as it is seen to be a helpful supplement to taking notes in class. Online education platforms have led the way in terms of encouraging the use of video learning, and are continuously developing and investing more in video content. Videos are the leading format in which people consume information today, and educational institutions are realising that incorporating more video content into course material is the only way forward.

Ed-tech is penetrating education systems around the world, and it's almost impossible to separate digital and traditional learning methods in today's times. With the advent of digital peer-learning platforms, those looking to imbibe as well as impart knowledge can find what they need, neatly packed into one place.

Michal Borkowski

CEO, Brainly

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