Julian Jewel Jeyaraj

AI Scientist, Innovator and the Founder of JJAIBOT

Julian Jewel Jeyaraj is an Indian-American computer professional and entrepreneur. He’s the inventor of Boxing Lab and creator of an emotionally intelligent AI bot called JJAIBOT, one of the first of its kind. It uses advanced AI algorithms to recognize images and text to detect human emotions such as anger, joy, happiness, etc. 

Julian founded JJAIBOT in 2018, a non profit organization to increase awareness towards mental illness, environment protection, wildlife conservation. The project has been globally appreciated especially for the applications it built to tackle the toxic air quality and the recent covid-19 app, which helps detect symptoms by scanning CT scan data.

Julian occasionally writes about the new innovations in the artificial intelligence industry, its applications and also gives speeches on it at global AI conferences, universities and educational institutions.



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