Nishant Chaudhary

Co-founder, Nikulsan

With over 8 years of experience, Nishant is a seasoned digital persona, leader, and strategist in Digital Media.

Specializing in various domains of Digital Media such as Adtech, Artificial Intelligence in Digital Advertising, Strategic Campaigns, Marketing and Communications, Strategy - Digital Media & Social Media Marketing and Project Management, he possesses a vast amount of experience in the digital advertising and media world, helping many of the fortune 500 companies.

Being a result oriented person, he and his firm work round the clock; accumulating efforts in helping brands grow their business with strategic and actionable business plans. His inputs on the advancements in social media marketing technologies and meticulously implementing them in strategies for brand recognition has won him much trust and confidence of his clients.

Nishant strongly believes that ideas serve the purpose only when they’re executed.



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