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Why IITs create more entrepreneurs than IIMs

Around 200 IIM graduates take up entrepreneurship every year while around 1,600 IIT students annually turn entrepreneurs.

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From a sweet shop to Rs 800-crore diversified group – It's a 'Lovely' family business

Running into its third generation, Punjab-based 20 member family business that still resides together in their ancestral 40-year-old home.

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Early learning for kids is no more a child's play

Traditional educational toys, games, charts and books are now giving way to a handful of start-ups offering game-based kids' learning & development products.


How Online Deal-making Platforms are Democratizing Fund Raising for Start-ups?

Investors and start-ups meeting online isn't a completely new phenomenon in India. Platforms like and UK's Venture Giant have been facilitating this matchmaking since last few years. However, LetsVenture, ah! Ventures, TermSheet, Applyifi and Equity Crest are taking that one step ahead in helping start-ups raise angel investments.

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Acqui-Hiring: The New Normal in Talent Acquisition

Thanks to fierce competition for rapidly scaling up businesses in the Indian technology ecosystem, acquiring start-ups primarily for its tech talent rather than the product is gradually becoming a rage in the country. That's acqui-hiring for you.