Saket Agarwal

Founder and CEO, Lazy Jojo

Being a travel enthusiast, Saket is often visiting different destinations to learn the cultures and trends. One such visit to Greece is all it took to change his life. Under a fine Greece sun, while exploring the local flea and street markets, Saket came across a tiny stall, offering out customised printed products. The machine could print just about anything that the customer asked for, right then and there. Intrigued to think of the incredible possibilities that such a concept possesses, Saket found his Eureka moment. 

Revelations in the customized product market back home in India revealed that not even a single brand was providing customised printed shoes even though a demand was evident and that is when Saket decided to bridge this gap. He founded Lazy Jojo with a dream to spread happiness by turning an everyday essential into a colourful designer piece, and since then has been turning every consumer's dream design into reality.


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