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5 Unconventional yet Simple Techniques to Ensure Healthy Work-Life Balance to Your Employees Getting employees to stay happy and focussed both at work and outside office

By Rahul R

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If you are amongst the new-age entrepreneurs of today preferring to set-up your own office to accommodate a relatively larger team, it is obvious that your office would also need the new-age management similar to that of your new-age entrepreneurial pursuits. Office management goes beyond just ensuring the right office hardware; it goes up till you according a healthy work-life balance to your employees.

First-time entrepreneurs, having turned business owners with a dedicated office (not a coworking space), should keep in mind that a healthy work-life balance is the success to the flourishing of your business. As an owner of your venture, you are mandated to ensure that your fellow workers and subordinates are equally motivated; and corporate experts agree that the easiest way to motivate employees is to personally ensure that they enjoy a harmonious work-life balance.

With according work-life balance being the criteria, check out below 5 simple yet unconventional ways (beyond the regular corporate benefits) through which you could ensure that your office (and first-time business venture) stays healthy throughout the year:

  • Make office life easy: The easiest way to ensuring that your employees have an efficient work-life balance is to have them prioritise work over work timings. Remember that work getting done creatively is the key, rather than spending 9 hours at the office doing very little. Forcing timings on employees would only result in a burnout-like situation and unhappiness.

    Allow employees to work by their own methods, do not fret if they come in a tad late or leave office a tad early. It is vital to not aim at achieving over-perfection. Permit employees to take breaks during work. Ensure that you operate your business professionally, rather than strictly.

  • Offer paid leaves on humanitarian grounds: If there are male employees who are about to turn fathers for the first time, encourage them to be with their families for time periods which are more than what you have allotted. You should remember to not to pester such employees when they are away. Always be considerate,; this only results in your employees trusting you more and thereby deriving work motivation from within.

    Offer pay for leaves taken even in the case of genuine emergencies; remember that humans need quality to spend quality time with all their loved ones.

  • Master the art of organizing work: When it comes to dividing workload amongst employees, ensure that you equally allocate tasks based on the size of your team; employees should not be burdened with work. Also, ensure timeliness while you allocate tasks; for instance, do not bombard your team members with work towards the later part of the work day. This usually tends to stress out employees.

    Try to smartly organize work, even last minute tasks, and allocate these during the most productive hours of the day. Always hold conference calls during the first half; ensure that your employees enjoy working throughout the day.

  • Maintain healthy groups: Your fellow employees are your team members; ensure that you celebrate work successes equally by according due credits to the entire team; even setbacks need to be owned collectively. Treat your team as one; not restricted to only WhatsApp groups.

    Invite suggestions individually from every employee; never try to belittle your team members.

  • Encourage out of office pursuits: Always let employees pursue their outside office pursuits (not work related); these could include participation in social events, trekking camps, blood donation camps, and other hobbies which are constructive and beneficial.

Whenever feasible, try to lend a hand to your employee's external ventures. This ensures that employees are happy both at work as well as outside the office whilst staying connected with family and friends.

Rahul R

Former Staff

Rahul R is a media professional with over 6 years of experience. Prior to Entrepreneur India, Rahul was a Senior Technical Journalist at EFY digital magazine. 
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