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7 Benefits Of Having A Woman CEO The many things Women CEO are just good at.

By Sudeepta Rao

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So, woman CEO, huh? Is she really well dressed in pencil skirts and black high heels? Does she have short, shiny hair and wear horn rimmed glasses? Does she have a poker face all the time and a no non-sense approach to work?

Or, does she wear flowy, cotton tops and loose jeans? Does she leave her hair open and wear comfortable, colourful flip flops to work? Does she have the most pleasant composition and is she always smiling and cheerful?

Or, is she a little bit of both? Whatever the case is, there is no saving yourself from women CEOs in the current day. If you are a woman CEO, or have to report to a woman CEO, consider that great for your company. Research shows that there are distinct benefits of having a woman CEO and this article provides a few sketches for the same.

Better Communicators

According to Kip Tunnel, CEO of Container, in his interview with CNBC, women are better at communication. He believes that women possess an innate skill set that caters towards communication, empathy and emotional intelligence—the key pillars of conscious capitalism.

Team Work

In the same article, Tindell also says that women are better at team work. According to Tindell, women are much better at working in a team than their male counterparts. "Women are a little bit more mutually supportive and mutually communicative," he says.

Taking Initiative

Research conducted by Zeneger Folkman, a company that studies leadership, found that women outscored men when it came to taking initiative. Taking initiative means you don't wait around for someone to tell you what to do – you propose and idea, get everyone on board and start work immediately.

Driving Results

The same research also shows that women outscored men in driving results. Driving results means you make sure the output is going the way you want it to – you know what you want and you are not going to settle for anything else.

Better Interpersonal Relations

Ms. Corinne Post, associate professor of management at Lehigh University's College of Business and Economics says in her article for Research Gate that there are certain circumstances that give women an advantage. When there is a conflict women are more empathetic. They express themselves better, and "they understand the knowledge that can be embedded in relationships," says Post. These relationship qualities help establish more close knit and positive teams.

Better at Winning Loyal

When Jessica Goldman - Srebnick became the CEO of Goldman Properties in 2012, Kevin Daum writes for the Inc., "She ushered in a new era, where hospitality means so much more than just guest relations." In her own words, "As a woman executive, I find that the people that work for me are generally enlightened men and motivated women that feel empowered by working for a woman. There is a deep sense of pride, loyalty and work ethic by the individuals that work for a woman-led business."

More Emotional Approach

In the same article, Kevin Daum writes that women executives bring "emotional literacy' to the table. Social entrepreneur and attorney Suzanne McKechnie Klahr founder and CEO of BUILD, says, "I founded BUILD and became CEO at 26. I was insecure and wanted to show people how smart and strong I was so I hid my vulnerability. I became friends with a work colleague for whom I had great respect. She shared with me that I was so much better to be friends with than to work for, and I realized that if I could bring my true self to work--all my outrageous humanity--I would be more respected and successful. Now I embrace my BIG emotions and bring them to work with me every day."

I have personally had the experience of availing the benefit of all these traits by working for a woman CEO. Women, who feel stifled and are not able to bring these features to the table, do not fret – because help is available. Men CEOs, don't take this at a shot at your ego. Take it positively as pointers about what you could do better. Because together, we could make wonders!

Sudeepta Rao

Marketing Executive, YourDOST

Sudeepta Rao has a background of law and works as a marketing executive with the YourDOST team. Her main interests other than writing include feminist studies and psychology. Her enthusiasm and ability to learn quickly and think on the fly are what make her a valuable asset

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