A New-age of on-demand meat delivery - Team MEATIGO believes in prompt technology-driven doorstep deliveries Here's what Siddhant N Wangdi, Founder & CEO of Meatigo has to say about their approach in extending modern solutions in the everyday sphere

By Puneet Kapani

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Siddhant N Wangdi, Founder Meatigo

Siddhant Wangdi, with over eight years of experience in the industry, launched his venture Meatigo, in November 2016. Meatigo.com is an online meat delivery platform that provides over 150 variants of red meats, poultry, seafood, and several other ready-to-eat and cook products. Have a look at what Siddhant has to say about Meatigo's approach in treading on the technological path to deliver swift solutions.

Meatigo's technology offerings for the future

Siddhant talks about Meatigo's on-demand service as 100% safe and hygienic with a state-of-the-art processing mechanism. "We ensure that our products should stand proud of all quality, variety, safety, and hygiene parameters," he emphasizes. Within 120 minutes, safe meat is delivered in temperature-controlled bags to your doorstep.

Premium technological offerings such as meat tested for microbial counts, and products cleaned and packed in German Technology vacuum packs ensure maximum safety and freshness. The meat is temperature-controlled for storage between 0-4℃ right from the farm to the delivery hubs. Backed by modern technology, Meatigo offers great quality and convenience for consumers.

Impact on consumers and the industry

Meatigo controls its own cold chain and delivers across eight major cities. A new tech-driven line of delivery for meat has not only enhanced consumer experience but also impacted the industry at large.

"New investments in e-commerce platforms have encouraged the development of cold chain facilities across the country," Siddhant shared. He believes that the optimal movement of fresh produce within the industry will eventually minimize lead time. Thus, consumers can enjoy the freshest produce at their doorsteps.

Transitioning amidst the COVID-19 pandemic

Siddhant admits, "The COVID-19-induced lockdown was a tough phase. In the initial phase, people were scared to order items at home fearing the risk of viral contamination." However, with their convenient services, soon numerous calls and requests were received from customers to restart their operations.

Meatigo resumed its operations keeping the gravity of the situation in mind. "We took extra care in terms of the safety of our own team and our customers as well as the quality of the products that we delivered. Our biggest learning from the pandemic is to keep delivering our best service to customers despite the ongoing crisis," he said.

Staying relevant as a tech leader in the dynamic marketplace

Siddhant has been conscious of staying relevant with the changing marketplace. "We are constantly innovating at our end to ensure a quick and seamless experience for all

our consumers end to end," he said. Technology has been at the heart of it all for Meatigo to keep up with the changing times.

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence tools to predict demand and manage inventories, and optimal route planning tools keep them at the forefront of technology development. They are also actively engaging with startups and new companies across SAAS and PAAS platforms for a more in-house approach.

Meatigo's growth and vision

With a four-fold increase in business from consumers are looking for safer, guaranteed, and healthier meat options and migration for unorganized sectors, Meatigo now has a steady presence in 8 cities across the country and intends to grow further in the upcoming years.

  • Year of inception – 2016
  • No. of employees – 200
  • Revenue for FY 2020-21 ~ Rs. 40 Crores
  • A client base of over 2 lacs

"We are a bootstrapped company and have grown organically with internal accruals. Despite interest from funds, we have resisted getting funded since we wanted to align our distribution and business strategy. Now, that we have a solid foundation, we will look for funding next financial year to grow the business," Siddhant added.

Puneet Kapani

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