How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Entrepreneurship in India Shift to AI shall definitely be a boon to any entrepreneur as it shall reduce time and efforts and still maintain records accurately and perfectly

By Dr. Saarthak Bakshi

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An entrepreneur is a person who conceives a business idea and decodes it into reality by maintaining a relationship with the profits and risks while coping in with the dynamic technologies and its advancements. Technology has undoubtedly alleviated several things and artificial intelligence is here to further gratify by easing out the entrepreneurial operations.

Artificial Intelligence is the development of human intellect and acumen in machines and computer systems like reasoning, decision-making, learning, visual perception and translations through programming. An entrepreneur can have restricted monetary resources or funding which might refrain from staffing whereas, with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence, the computers shall evade this problem by incorporating human brains within the mechanism.

  • Firstly, there is no room for errors and faults in an entrepreneurial setup, therefore, it is important to look into things very accurately and punctiliously. The artificial intelligence is unbelievably exceptional and reliable which keeps getting better with its greater usage and practice. This precision is possible because of its detailed neural systems and networking which substantially reduces the efforts and simplifies out various complexities for the entrepreneur.

  • Second, artificial intelligence helps in targeting the potential customers to the entrepreneurs through a process where if a consumer spends a considerable amount of time next to an explicit product, then this piece of facts shall be registered in the technological devices. Such informational details help the entrepreneur structuring strategies as per the needs and likings of the customers with the help of this Artificial Technology.

  • Third, this technology surely provides a touch of personalization to its customers to cope with the market dynamics and customers demand the purpose of increased sales. Artificial Intelligence captures a large target audience via their chatbots. These chatbots are effective tools for e-commerce portal as they shall eliminate all forms of communication with the customers like telephone, emails etc. this form of mechanised communication diminishes the burden of entrepreneurs and caters to the grievances of the customers.

  • Fourth, Artificial Intelligence promotes efficiency in operations as the minimalistic intervention of human beings leads to fewer mistakes and faults. The automated systems shall upkeep with the product sales, cash flow, inventory and various other things that the entrepreneur is obligated to do while running a business. This shall definitely be a boon to any entrepreneur as it shall reduce time and efforts and still maintain records accurately and perfectly. A systematic operation with updated technology saves time and resources.

Technology, undoubtedly, has an inevitable role to play in today's startups and in the field of entrepreneurship disregarding the size of the enterprise. The technological advancements and its dynamics have long-term effects on investments and will help in earning profits as it shall guide you the pathway keeping in view the customer's needs and demands. Technological structure of any enterprise affects its efficiency and performance. It also affects the security of confidential information and maintains privacy.

An Insight to Reality

It is a lot easier said than done. Currently, there are no computers that demonstrate artificial intelligence completely. This is because the designing of the software for computers to understand natural languages has proved to be more difficult than it was ever thought to be. Some basic translation systems that translate from one language to another are in existence, but they do not work as effectively as humans. The technology has been developed but is yet to be proficient as humans. The day the productivity and adeptness come into force, is the day when technology shall conquer the world.

Dr. Saarthak Bakshi

Founder & CEO - International Fertility Centre

Saarthak Bakshi, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the International Fertility Centre. He is known for his persona as an engineer, an entrepreneur and a social worker. He soon realized that he has an inborn passion for entrepreneurship and went on to launch a slew of ventures including International Fertility Centre.


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