For Entrepreneurs in 2018: Simple Office Strategies to Avoid Employee Burnout

Get employees to eliminate work burnout possibilities by themselves

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For people having turned entrepreneurs for the first time this year, there is lots to cheer about with respect to opportunities. However, if you are among the entrepreneurial community members who have been harbouring to set up an office space, rather than prefer to work out of shared ones, due to a relatively large team size, you should keep in mind the fact that setting up an office is easy, but ensuring that your employees do not face burnout (aka brain drain) requires smartness.

Dealing with employee burnouts in 2018 requires a completely different approach. Experts believe that it is vital to ensure that employees are motivated enough so that they can resort to self-elimination of burnout-like situations even when you bombard them with last-minute time-bound work. With avoiding employee burnout being the key, check out 5 key points below following which your employees should potentially resort to eliminating burnouts by themselves:

  • Introduce comprehensive incentive systems: Good work should always be rewarded; even if you are not in a position to offer financial rewards, introduce aspects such as offering vouchers, books, and creative gifts so that your employees are both happy and motivated.

    Always talk to employees in a way as to motivate them, do not ever resort to back-talking on your fellow workers. By rewarding employees (even non financially), you get to hit two birds with one stone, where employees work with maximum potentially and work creatively as well; thereby eliminating the possibility of burnouts.

  • Socializing is the in-thing: Socializing does not mean taking your team out to pubs and bars alone; but also includes aspects such as connecting with them personally and giving them a shoulder to lean on. Organize sporting events to ensure that employees are off the office tension and can make fresh starts.

    Socializing also includes inviting co-workers for meetings (even business) to enable them get a flow of things you handle. This instills confidence in them

  • Workloads should always be organized: While distributing workloads o employees, be fair and ensure that they get to learn out of the work. Equal distribution of work between team members should be a mandate such that there is healthy competition.

  • Accord time for work: While having tasks completed by employees, remember that even slight delays are OK. Do not try to push for over-perfection from your co-workers. Rather, sit with those employees who are lagging and motivate them to put their best foot forward. Always grant comparatively more time to employees to complete tasks.

  • Organize quality gatherings at office: Try and celebrate different religious/social events together at office (with your family if possible). These are perfect catalysts to ensure that work stays on top of your employees' minds and they do not divert from the actuals. Having gatherings at office makes employees feel at home and thereby any possibility of burnout is avoided.

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