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The Memory Makers 2022 was a year of learning, pivoting, and growth. The company raised almost a quarter of a million dollars in its pre-seed round. Labrecque pitched to many different angel investors

By Saptak Bardhan

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Cameron Labrecque, founder and CEO, Rememery and Jaian Cuttari, Executive Advisor, Rememery

Rememery's inception moment came when Cameron Labrecque's grandmother gave his mom a beautiful snow globe having a small tag which read "remember me" which led him to thinking his grandmother is getting older. He wondered how he can show the world her wonderful life story for eternity. Cam knew he had to be the one to redesign how he remembers his loved ones forever. The snow globe also had a red cardinal, which inspired the company's logo and brand image. As a young founder, Cam learned how to successfully start a business, pivot when necessary, and scale to the next level whereas Jaian Cuttari, Executive Advisor, Rememery is a serial entrepreneur who previously founded Veltrust, a Fortune 100 fastest growing consulting and investment firm in the United States and also web3 ventures focused on digital transformation. "Rememery is unlike any platform because we give power to our users to share their stories any way they want. Stories and time capsules can be posted publicly, privately, or even passed down to the next generation. Rememery is not a big data company," said Labrecque.

As a young entrepreneur, Cam believed everyone's story should be told and heard across the world. According to Labrecque, hard work, building meaningful relationships, and having a vision for growth are the key factors to starting a successful venture that will make a positive impact on society. He believes finding a mentor is not as easy as posting a job application since mentorship comes from trust, a shared vision, and the ability to execute together. He found all of these characteristics in his mentor, the late Christopher Knight and more recently Jaian Cuttari, who he looks up to as a successful business owner, advisor, and friend.

"Rememery is at a soft launch phase. We have a direct strategy to get to profitability with our 3 different subscription models. We offer the family plan which allows up to 5 users, the individual plan, designed for one user, and lastly the free plan. This is a very scalable startup as we attract new users," said Cameron Labrecque and Jaian Cuttari in interaction with Entrepreneur India. "Rememery's most innovative features focus on allowing users to organize their life stories in the most efficient way possible without compromising their data privacy, thus not requiring user data monetization as part of the Rememery business model," said Cuttari.

2022 was a year of learning, pivoting, and growth. The company raised almost a quarter of a million dollars in its preseed round. Labrecque pitched to many different angel investors. According to Labrecque, raising money was great, but the vision is too large to be satisfied with small successes. The official launch will be in the United States in April and will be the company's first large-scale trigger of growth, followed by launching in more countries with beautiful cultures such as India, Mexico, and Spain. The innovators advised young entrepreneurs must understand the world is experiencing globalization at a record pace. It is very important to adapt to different cultures, languages, and lifestyles. The company is treading a new path to completely change storytelling for humanity. The innovative lifelogging service is launching in early spring of 2023. The team already has a growing number of users that have joined the waitlist. Rememery intends to start beta-testing the next phase of its software in the coming weeks.

Saptak Bardhan

Former Trainee Writer

Former Trainee Writer
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