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3 Ways To Grow Your Business With User-Generated Content User generated content is the most reliable and relatable, where you could use it to grow your businesses today.

By Sophia Wright

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User generated content is the most important tool for businesses today. Allowing the brands to communicate and connect with their marketing audience through mimicking the user voice, UGC continues to make the brands seem much friendlier, relatable and altogether more distinct.

Today the buyers have been expecting detailed information, faster processes, and personalized content allowing organizations to tap into these expectations amplifying their voice, increasing the brand visibility and then building relationships. Given here are the three important ways you can use user-generated content in order to grow your business.

Let your customers do the talking

Today the buyers generally trust content from the other branded content because it comes across to be the most honest and reliable one. In fact, 88% of the consumers trust online reviews as personal recommendations according to the bright local study. This is never a bad time to show the world how happy your customers are, especially when compared to the user generated content that conveys your brand. Having your customer's reviews, photos, and videos, questions and answers give your buyers the immediate access to the information on pain points and concerns that they may have.

Install a Question answer community for brands interaction

The next way you could use user generated content is the combination of two hottest trends of the moment: The rise of user generated content and brand generated customized content. Q&A are one of the best ways to engage with the consumers online, with the consumers now calling the shots and dictating the conversation whatever they have had. These communities allow users to have their questions answered by the brands itself or by the other users who have previously purchased their products and services.

Engaging with Customers when they are not shopping

User generated content is one powerful tool for building social proof and building trust on social media. Having high visibility on social media for your business generally, increases the likelihood that your product and services would be on top of the mind of your customers especially when they need something that you have for them to offer. Every small little step that you take to build a strong relationship with your customers, they are more likely to refer their friends and family members to your brand when the time is right.

Shining a spotlight on good service

Addressing the issues of your customers is critical enough in order to highlight the brand value providing a greater customer service.Customer service is critical to the growth of business when you consider the fact that for every bad experience or a failure, brands continue to lose an average of 65% revenue that they have actually earned from their customers during the entire year.

Even if there is something negative then that is not something you need to be worried about. Having critical reviews being displayed on your website shows that your brand is honest and transparent, as this is an opportunity to let your customer service shine online. Studies have shown that 30% of the consumers say that they would go back to the brand once they see how the business has improved.

To conclude user generated content is the most reliable and relatable, where you could use it to grow your businesses today. USG helps you attract the potential attention of your customers making online experience much more personalized adding value to the relationship that you have built with your existing customers. So have you started using USG, do leave your comments below.

Sophia Wright

Content Marketer

Sophia wright is a content marketer, A writer by day and reader by night she is an emerging blogger venturing out into the complex world of the blogging platforms, methods and information, the tools that will easily comprehend the how to of this arena of internet particularly WordPress blogging.


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