Best Practices For Your Brand to Grow The art of efficiently utilising the resources at hand and yet creating a strong impact

By Naina Ruhail

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Beauty is all about creating a community, bringing out the best of what you have to offer as a brand and making your consumers fall in love with your brand and products.

Social media in the present times has a host of opportunities to bring out the best of what you have to offer and the same is easily doable in a cost-effective manner. The art of efficiently utilising the resources at hand and yet creating a strong impact with your presence is not that easy to master and several months/ years of being out there, helps you achieve it.

Some of the best practices, which every brand must follow to better cement its position in the ever-growing competitive beauty market -

1. Don't Just Post and Wait, Engage! -Talking about the psychology of most of the brands out there. The beauty about social media is that although it runs on auto-pilot, we still have the steering wheel to define our path. Pushing out creative content that is self-explanatory is great but all of it boils down to how much effort you take in interacting with your audience. Be it through beauty hacks, DIY's, or just talking to your followers through video or one-on-one interactions. At Vanity Wagon we endeavour to post content that is relevant and while doing so try getting into audience discussions to help us better help them and this has been a tremendous boost to our presence out there.

2. Be Alert and Prompt - Social channels today are very dynamic and just because one channel or method is working for you today doesn't mean it will work the next day also. Beauty brands have a lot to offer to their customers and more than often they get too engrossed in the content and forget about the medium or methods they use. A lot of brands see overnight success with Twitter or Instagram and this is all about posting content that is relevant to what is happening around us. Every beauty brand must aim to understand the space they are in and then be spontaneous in their approach. Be aware and react fast before someone else jumps the gun.

3. Data is the Answer – Data analytics and data-driven marketing are two key factors to keep in mind while working on your social media strategy. Its more comforting to rely on your gut and data in the process is often ignored. If you feel your stories or IGTV videos are bringing more

traction, then focus there, don't just post on Facebook because you like it. The best way of optimising is to work through the data you have.

4. Know Your Customers and Enjoy With Them – The first part here is all about understanding who enjoy your products more, what community of people has a synergy with your beauty brand. When you get some hang of that to go out there and create content that you believe in. Only if you create such content will you be able to truly engage with your customers.

5. Share and Re-share – If your customers love you so much to talk about you, don't forget to reward them by letting everyone know. Go and re-post these conversations on your handles to create a FOMO for other customers. A simple post on a social handle that shows this love can go a long way in making your beauty brand approachable and lovable by all

Naina Ruhail

Co-Founder & CMO, Vanity Wagon

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