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Convergenced: How To Vacation And Get Inspired Like The 1% Entrepreneurs should never settle.

By David Wither

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The world's top 1 per cent of people are different from everyone else because they never switch off their desire for innovation and inspiration. They're in a constant state looking for the next idea or experience that will allow them to stay at the top of their industries.

The Convergenced event on Necker Island is one that caters to that insatiable desire. It's a week-long think tank for tech and entertainment leaders that are being brought together so they are inspired to use exponential technology and solve world challenges. It's the chance for them to get information on the latest discoveries, experience progressive art and entertainment, and vacation at the same time on the world's most luxurious island.

So why is the world's top 1 per cent so interested in events like these?

Changing the World

The world's top 1 per cent of people want to solve problems in ways that haven't been previously explored. They know that the greatest opportunities for disruption are also the most profitable and they tend to be experts in multiple industries, which allows them to approach conventional problems with new perspectives.

In other words, they know how to change the world and make a lot of money at the same time. They're the people revolutionizing the world as we know it because that's the best way to make gains in a short space of time.

The event has aligned with experts from Singularity University, whose mission is to apply new technology to solve the world's problems and whose speakers are considered the leading experts in exponential technology.

For the best of the best they never "work" a day in their life. They love what they do and for them, it's a passion and satisfies their need for constant challenges and new ideas.

Always Looking for New Ways to Learn

Necker Island is a place that came into the public eye when Sir Richard Branson bought it and built a resort there, spending millions in the process. Entrepreneurs should never settle. They should always be looking for that next big idea, which is where events like Convergenced come in, providing the backdrop for inspiration that will ensure they don't become obsolete.

Connecting with fellow professionals and learning with them is a huge part of what it is to be a success. It's about committing to a regime of constant improvement.

Relaxing in the Right Environment

Great entrepreneurs know they have to be in the right environment to prevent burnout. In one survey over 50 per cent of the respondents said they had experienced a stress-related illness in the past year. The right environment is key to preventing the building up of stress for those entrepreneurs that constantly push themselves to their limits.

That's part of the reason why events like Convergenced choose luxurious surroundings like Necker Island. Many successful entrepreneurs state that their best ideas came while they were taking a clarity break.

It's Far from Luck

The world's top 1 per cent, and the attendees of this exclusive event have discovered the greatest myth of entrepreneurship. Luck can only take you so far. In order to remain the leader in your field, you need to be surrounded by the best and have insight into new discoveries.

Attending a conference like this underlines the fact that no entrepreneur should be relying on luck as much as they should be surrounding themselves with others that constantly seek to learn new lessons.

Surrounding Yourself with the Best

The main problem that stops a lot of entrepreneurs in their tracks is the moment they obtain a bit of success they become comfortable. They surround themselves with the same people who do nothing but stroke their egos. Eventually, they become obsolete because they didn't strive to maintain their relevance.

The five people closest to you should elevate you and challenge you be your best.If your five people bring nothing to the table, it's unlikely you will be able to take your game to the next level.

The idea of Convergenced is to bring the best of the best together and see what transpires. Notable guests of this invite-only event include the first entrepreneur to receive approval to land on the moon, a Supermodel turned super-entrepreneur, the world's expert on cyber-crime, leaders of the fastest growing private companies in the US and progressive artists utilizing virtual reality like Android Jones and Lucent Dossier. All attendees have made it to the top of their respective industries and many are looking for their next big idea that will allow them to do it again.

Conclusion – Never Stopping

The top 1 per cent never turn themselves off and are constantly searching for new ways to inspire themselves. They're never content with what they have, and that's what gives them the burning desire to continue and stay relevant to get better no matter how old or how successful they get.

David Wither

Team and Startup Management Coach, Wither Leadership Consulting


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