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Edtech Platforms Capitalising On CUET Coaching Market Be it major Edtech companies, UPSC coaching centres, or neighbourhood tuition academies, everyone is testing the CUET waters to see what opportunities it holds for them.

By Priyanka Tanwer

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With nearly 14 lakh unique registration for Common University Entrance Test (CUET) every year, there is a new coaching industry that is taking shape in the education sector – CUET.

What NEET is for medical college aspirants and JEE is for engineering students, CUET is for the vast majority of applicants to other undergraduate courses. Be it major Edtech companies, UPSC coaching centres, or neighbourhood tuition academies, everyone is testing the CUET waters to see what opportunities it holds for them.

CUET is a national-level entrance test conducted by National Testing Agency for admission to Undergraduate (UG) courses offered by participating universities.

According to Jaideep Kewalramani, COO & Head, Employability Business, TeamLease Edtech, several EdTech platforms are setting up focused offerings around CUET in line with similar entrance exams like JEE and NEET. With technology, Edtech platforms are able to personalize the entire experience and ensure that students do not feel pressured during the preparation phase.

"This also presents an opportunity for both the students and Edtech platforms. There is a renewed engagement for counseling and preparation for the exam and the next steps. Most board exams are based on reproduction of knowledge and CUET is based on objective selections. This shift requires not just subject preparation but also coaching in how to approach such exams, managing time and pressure," he added.

Speaking on the opportunities the CUET has given to many coaching centres and edtech platforms, Ankur Goel, CEO & Founder Skillible said that CUET has created significant opportunities for edtech platforms, prompting them to innovate and adapt to this evolving market.

By offering comprehensive preparation materials and personalized learning experiences, these platforms are transforming how students prepare for higher education entrance exams.

"Edtech companies are leveraging advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning to provide customized study plans, practice tests, and real-time feedback, making learning more effective and tailored to individual needs. Additionally, interactive content, virtual tutoring, and community forums are enhancing the overall learning experience," Goel added.

He also said that the shift is not only making quality education more accessible but also levelling the playing field for students from diverse backgrounds.

The CUET has opened a plethora of opportunities for edtech platforms, especially those catering to the competitive exam segment.

Edtech platforms have begun offering specialised curricula such as preparation materials, mock tests and live sessions. Most offer personalised learning tailored to the learning pace of every student. With no dearth of edtech players in the market, they strive to stand out from their peers by offering gamified learning experiences, interactive pedagogy and real-time progress-tracking tools.

"Edtech platforms are leveraging cutting-edge technologies to enhance the learner experience. Some of these include AI-based learning, which can be used to personalise learning for students, online peer learning communities to share knowledge and support each other, micromodules such as bite-sized lessons to facilitate learning on the go, live classes with Q&A and1:1 feedback sessions with mentors, and much more," Rohit Manglik, Founder & CEO, EduGorilla said.

The lucknow-based edtech start-up offer both offline and online solutions for CUET in English and Hindi for 17 subjects in the CUET UG category and one subject in the CUET PG category. The start-up claims that around 2.5 lakh students have benefitted from their CUET solutions.

Rohit said that CUET has paved the way for edtech platforms by not only introducing CUET preparation materials and guidance in their portfolio but also devising innovative ways to emerge as the preferred edtech partner for learners.

Meanwhile, Akash Sharma, Director of Admission & Outreach, Noida International University said that edtech platforms are reshaping higher education entrance exam preparation by making high-quality education more accessible and affordable, allowing students from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds and remote areas to prepare for CUET without costly physical coaching.

"The advent of CUET has been a catalyst for innovation in the edtech sector, prompting platforms to develop advanced, personalized, and comprehensive preparation tools. This evolution is not only reshaping the landscape of entrance exam preparation but also contributing to a more inclusive and efficient higher education ecosystem," he added.

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