Why India is becoming the Finest Medical Tourism Destination

Most of the medical care facilities and hospitals are staffed by experienced and Healthcare Professionals, who are proficient in the latest medical treatment methods

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Medical Travel Industry has come a long way, A decade ago, patients used to travel across the border for Affordable Healthcare however now patients are choosing a destination which offers complete package Quality Treatment, Ease of Communication & Travel at the same time offering Competitive pricing. India is known for providing Quality healthcare at "Affordable Healthcare".

People as a global citizen and are accessing the services from across the globe especially Medical Treatment Services however current environment in some of the countries has constrained and do not allow such practices thus ease of travel and accessibility becomes a key driver for choosing a destination for a Medical Tourism.

Some of the factors that influence Medical Tourism are:

Quality of Medical Care: India has over 500+ Accredited Healthcare providers (JCI & NABH) and uses world-class technologies at par with the western world. Indian Doctors are known for their excellence across the globe, one of the studies reveals that over 10per cent of the doctors practising in the UK and US are Indian.

Besides the availability of advanced medical technology and modern hospitals, most of the medical care facilities and hospitals are staffed by experienced and Healthcare Professionals, who are proficient in the latest medical treatment methods.

Affordability: Medical Travellers travelling to India for Medical care can save up to 50per cent of the cost which they might spend if travelled to the developed western country to avail the treatment.

Lower Medical Expenses: Cost of treatment in India is approx. 40per cent less than the that of any developed western countries without compromising on the quality of care.

Low Cost of Living: Cost of living in India is 66.54per cent lower than in the United States (aggregate data for all cities, rent is not considered). Rent in India is 85.47per cent lower than in the United States (average data for all cities). The patient always travels with attendant and might require to stay for a longer period of time both before and after the Medical treatment thus this is one of the important factors which considering a travel destination.

Ease of Travel: Medical VISA norms has been simplified to ensure hassle-free VISA for Medical Patient and attendant. The Medical VISA offer multiple entries and long term stays for Medical Care. Also, the government has recently launched E-Medical VISA to further ease the process.

Ease of Communication: India is claimed to be the second largest English-speaking country and also has a good number of interpreters in the countries which ease the complete process for Medical Travellers and attendants travelling.

Alternative Treatment: India is known for offering alternate Medicines and has certified & Accredited Wellness & Ayurveda Centres.

Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old system of natural healing that has its origins in the Vedic culture of India. Ayurveda has been enjoying a major resurgence in both its native land and throughout the world AYUSH Industry is estimated to be USD$10 Billion and expected to grow to US$25 billion by 2020.

Availability of Type of Food: India is Home to foodies and offers varieties of food from across the globe thus getting the food as per choice is just click of a button, thank these mobile app food deliveries. Food is also one of the key deciding factors for Medical travellers and attendants.

Amit Sharma

Founder and CEO at eExpedise Healthcare

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