Amit Sharma

Founder and CEO at eExpedise Healthcare



The Problem of Blood Deficit in India

India needs to cover a deficit of over 12 lakh units, considering that India has an eligible donor population of over 512 million

Growth Strategies

Successful Implementation of E-Pharmacy in Rural India

E-Pharmacy improves purchaser's comfort and access, this will above all advantage endless old-age patients living in family units, and patients who are not in a condition to go out to discover a drug store

Starting a Business

A Brief Guide to Future of Indian Start-up Ecosystem

Without a proper empowering condition, there will be an unseemly accentuation on close term business feasibility prompting the absence of scale for new companies

Growth Strategies

Self-Sustaining Guide for Young Startups in Today's Competitive Market

A dream of becoming an entrepreneur in itself is one of the most courageous decision someone can take in his or her life and success of the same is mostly driven by their passion, dedication and discipline


Pieces of Software that all Your Employees Need, When Working for Healthcare Startup

A guide to the nature of work that can be handled with software in any healthcare startup, ones which are worth paying for

Growth Strategies

Why India is becoming the Finest Medical Tourism Destination

Most of the medical care facilities and hospitals are staffed by experienced and Healthcare Professionals, who are proficient in the latest medical treatment methods

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