Chris Porteous

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor
High Performance Growth Marketer

Chris Porteous is CEO of SearchEye, which offers unbundled digital marketing projects for clients and agencies across the globe.

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Growing a Business

Embracing This Core Business Value Can Make the World a Better Place — And You More Money

How to adopt altruistic practices and build resilient, value-driven businesses that also foster employee loyalty, public trust and long-term success.

Science & Technology

How Immigrants Help Tech Businesses Grow

Strong opinions on both sides of the immigration issue don't make achieving consensus easy, but for tech leaders, the bottom line is clear: Immigration fuels growth and needs to accelerate, not slow down.

Thought Leaders

Here's How To Make a Graceful Exit When Your Startup Fails

Failure is always a possibility when an entrepreneur launches a new venture. More than that, it's quite likely. Here's how to handle the process of shutting down a startup.

Thought Leaders

Learning to Communicate Like a CEO Is the Secret to Getting Your Team to Take You Seriously. Here's How to Do It.

The average entrepreneur doesn't begin their career with much leadership experience. But eventually, entrepreneurs must learn how to be the boss. They can start by learning to communicate like a CEO. Here's how.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

Smart Businesses Shouldn't Abandon Crypto. Here Are 3 Reasons Why.

The crypto industry seems like it's on the verge of collapse. Should businesses be thinking about abandoning it? No, but they should refocus their interest in crypto and its related technology.

Starting a Business

The Coming Recession Won't Derail These 4 Startup Sectors

Although many entrepreneurs shy away from launching new ventures during recessions, they don't necessarily have to. All they need to do is to target specific markets that thrive during downturns — and they just may benefit from the otherwise adverse economic conditions.

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