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Pieces of Software that all Your Employees Need, When Working for Healthcare Startup A guide to the nature of work that can be handled with software in any healthcare startup, ones which are worth paying for

By Amit Sharma

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Healthcare industry is known to be expansive, holistic, and always up-and-running. It is one of the very few industries where there is always under pressure and managed in a time-poor environment. While employees complain about not having enough time to work, employers are concerned about things being done more manually than automated. It is a dream for several healthcare startups to find out ways to make work more efficient and effective while not overspending their budget.

It isn't news when technology meets healthcare, it would be the greatest and the most rewarding combination of all times. However, for new startups, it is difficult to suggest which kind of software is worth spending money on. It need not be a huge investment to call it successful and it need not be anything either. To start with, here's a guide to the nature of work that can be handled with software in any healthcare startup, ones which are worth paying for when it comes to purchasing and training:

1. Electronic Healthcare Record

With everyone's focus shifting online; it is imperative to have all the detailed information about the patients on the cloud too. Mostly, the electronic healthcare data consists of information about the patients' demography, medical history, lab tests, reports, and any prevailing medical conditions such as allergies. This information, being available on the cloud, is widely accessible by the network of doctors who take that into consideration while examining the patient. This software, Electronic Healthcare Record, enables the physicians to record, maintain, and revisit the patients' data along with managing all the past and future appointments as well as prescribing medicines, all under one roof.

2. Ensuring Safety

Another bit of software required in the healthcare industry is one that empowers you to follow the well-being and security of its patients. Health and security hazards (mischief to the physical or mental situation of the patients) do tragically happen every once in a while, in spite of best endeavors being practiced. Be that as it may, having software set up to record episodes, investigate them and learn significant insights decrease the probability of them repeating in future, and thus make the healthcare industry a more secure and eventually, progressively one to run.

3. Meet the Future with E-Prescriptions

E-prescription is not yet a globally acknowledged method, yet it has considerably improved the quality of patient care. While in practice, this e-prescription takes care of a number of things at every level such as sending prescriptions directly to the pharmacies; maintains medication history; and also lets patients leave their feedback about their experience with the medication and mention allergies, if any.

4. Hospital Management Software

Hospital Management Software (HMS) handles every single patient's information, specialist and medicinal staff data, and clinical fees. An HMS framework deals with all segments of the medical clinic: information, labs, etc. This improves handling effectiveness. The principal point of HMS is to make medicinal treatment progressively successful by dealing with each part of the medical organization. With it, a healthcare association can concentrate more on quality care of the patients on a real-time basis. In order to meet the business requirements and ensure effective as well as efficient practice, it is important to accept technological advancements as a whole or in combinations. Also, in order to improve the patient experience, one should use these kinds of software to make life easier.

Amit Sharma

Founder and CEO at eExpedise Healthcare

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