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Benefits of a Positive Work Environment "To win in the marketplace, you must first win the workplace"- Doug Conant

By Ajay Malhan

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A job, by virtue of it, is not necessarily a delightful pursuit. Work is hard. Dealing with work stresses day in and day out, to get closer to a dream career, is harder. While each person spends a huge proportion of his/her life at work, it is important to create a balance between life inside and outside of work. It is therefore undeniable that a great workplace design stirred with positivity is essential for the success of an individual and the success of the business.

The positive work environment can have a lot of positive effects on not only the welfare of the individual employee but on the business' bottom line. If people are happy where they work and the environment they walk into each day, they are likely to be more productive and make fewer mistakes. When each employee is charged with positive energy, the contagion of good vibes is inevitable. The underlying fact is that positivity is contagious as much as negativity. A poor work environment can slow down productivity, leading employees to become demotivated and eventually quit. More often, it is noticed that poor working conditions can also cause long-term health problems such as stress, anxiety and depression.

On the other hand, it has been observed that encouraging and fostering the employees to work in an environment that is positive, motivated, fun and inspires employees to take joy in their work can yield huge benefits and overall success. When employees are financially invested, they want returns and when they are emotionally invested, they want to contribute. A healthy work environment goes hand in hand with energy efficient design solutions and innovative workplace design helps in the creation of a successful workplace.

Advantages of a Positive Work Environment

A positive work environment can do wonders. To have a positive work environment, the most important thing is to make the employees feel content. Because when employees are happy, amazing things happen to the business. Following are some traits in a positive work environment-

A Positive Work Environment is More Productive and Efficient

    Eliminating stress and negativity leads to a boost in the productivity of employees. When employees are happy and motivated, they invest all their energy to ensure the best results.

    Employees Carry the Right Attitude

      In an encouraging work environment, employees always have a positive attitude where they are open to challenges and learning. A poor work environment, on the other hand, leads to work permeability and a toxic atmosphere.

      Happiness is Directly Proportional to Creativity

        The driving force of any business is innovation, and in the right work environment, employees are spurred to be more creative in providing business solutions. Happy employees are always inspired and motivated.

        Employees Believe in Risk Taking

          The core of a successful business is a passion for YES. Happy employees, who feel invested and satisfied, are odds-on to taking risks and saying yes more often. Hence, the key to winning the market place is to first win the workplace.

          Positive Employees are Strong Believers of Team Work

            A supportive work environment encourages employees for collaborative projects and teamwork. Positive employees are more willing to engage with their fellow workers and maintain a constructive relationship with them.

            A Multiplying Effect of Happiness

              Happiness is contagious, and in a healthy and a positive work environment, it spreads throughout the entire workplace like a wildfire in the forest. In such a work environment, Monday Blues become a vague term and employees look forward to going to work.

              Successful Employees Leading to Business' Success

                Entrepreneurs who respect their employees and motivate them to take joy in their work inspire dedication, confidence, loyalty and ultimately overall well-being of the employees and success of the company.

                Ajay Malhan

                CEO - NCUBE Planning & Design Pvt Ltd

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