This Artist's Journey Started From Streets, Ended up In Galleries Seek One's vibrant pieces are composed on wood panels with a base of vintage newspapers and magazines, spray paint, acrylics, oils, and resin all add to his unique style

By Prasoon Arya

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Seek One

At 29 years of age, Seek One has succeeded as an artist and entrepreneur building his brand to the next level in the fine art world. He has achieved popularity in today's competitive art business with his unique style of graffiti/mixed media art. His works have caught the attention of today's top-musicians, influencers, athletes, and celebrities-all of whom have commissioned or collected his artwork.

His non-traditional path as a contemporary street artist started with his passion for photography and graffiti art as a kid. His career began working out of his apartment after graduating business school and has now grown to a 1,200 square foot studio space based in Philadelphia. He initially gained attention through Instagram and a few local exhibits in Philadelphia and New York City. Soon thereafter, prominent art galleries and collectors began to take notice which helped to ignite desire for his works of art across the country.

Seek One's vibrant pieces are composed on wood panels with a base of vintage newspapers and magazines, spray paint, acrylics, oils, and resin all add to his unique style. His day to day work require endless hours of precision to create the intricate pieces of art. He specializes in working directly with his galleries and collectors who see his pieces as timeless works that everyone would be able to connect with. His custom pieces of art allow him to work directly with the client on the size of the piece, color and then trust in his style to finish a one of a kind.

Currently, Seek One's artwork is being exhibited in top art galleries from Aspen to Palm Beach to New York City to The Hamptons. In the coming years this young painter/entrepreneur aims to expand into new markets through galleries, strategic partnerships and collaborations. His next venture is expanding to international markets with his first show debuting in Dubai this Fall with Galloire Gallery.

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