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Why a Little Bit of Impatience Might Just be What You Need to Succeed Impatience is not just moving fast, it is about what is done with the time you have in your hand

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They say patience is a virtue, but it really helps when a dash of impatience is added to the mixture. Patience helps you stay calm while impatience makes you work harder, lends more persistence in actions than just plain thoughts. In this fast-paced world, where new ideas are brewing every moment, it is important to get a head start and a bit of impatience works just about fine as it lends further legitimacy to the purpose. Remember opportunities are not handed to you but instead need to be grabbed by the adamant you.

Here are reasons why you should get impatient to succeed.

To Learn

You learn by falling, and what better way than falling while running. If you sit still, you will never experience the fall which will help you in your long-term goals and understanding what needs to be corrected.

Navas Ebin Muhammed, Group CEO and Director of Tool Business Group believes that impatience is an essential trait in any entrepreneur's life. Muhammed, a Consultant for a variety of businesses asserts that one needs to have the right mix of patience and impatience.

"Patience teaches you to be more creative with the right speed while impatience helps get the work done effectively and efficiently. Unless you are impatient and move out of your comfort zone, you will never really have the opportunities to taste success and failures which is very important. When you are impatient, you will fail a lot and failures are important to understand what to do and what not to do the next time," Muhammed encouraged.

For Results

When impatience is added to the mixture, the journey is a faster one. Impatience is not just moving fast, it is about what is done with the time you have in your hand.

Co-Founder of Ttrouper, Amey Katkar is a new age Entrepreneur who is result oriented. Ttrouper is a marketing media company which makes use of private sector buses of India to do advertising for large companies. Amey believes marketing and innovation produce results while all the rest are everyday costs.

"I think every Entrepreneur is impatient, Impatience drives results and makes us move forward which is motivating. When you wait for things to happen on its own, it slows down the process and delays success. Impatience also helps make faster and concrete decisions which create a big difference. Get up, move forward and be impatient to create great things," Katkar said.

Never Miss Opportunities

Waiting for the right time to come, might take days, months or even years. Don't let success come to you, but instead go out and grab it. Many opportunities are missed by over thinking and over analyzing the opportunity and by that time opportunities are already seized by the fastest and most impatient entrepreneur.

Amey Katkar Co-founder of Capitalist is an online publication which aims to make finance simpler and more straightforward. Many opportunities came his way from the banking and finance sector in regards to B2B content creation.

"When you are impatient, you are scared! Fear is the greatest weapon to success and I feel; no one loves failure. Impatience, fear, and hunger drive opportunities. Have a never say die attitude, it will give results one day," Katkar urged.

Keep your eyes wide open, like a lion hunting for his prey. Most individuals do not realize the importance of opportunity and respond to it in a very lethargic manner. Don't be the person who takes a back seat; instead, react to it as if your life depended on it. Then follow up on the opportunity, till it's all yours.

Remember, impatience does not mean throwing yourself around and getting angry with your employees, clients or partners. Your impatience should be in line with your ambitious goals. Take smart, calculated risks and don't let impatience drive you to bad decision making. Focus the 'impatience' towards your goal; while taking clear steps which makes sure your time is not wasted in unproductive activities. Let eagerness take control, and you will notice your passion driving you forward as an entrepreneur.

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