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How to Make Your Vision Reach your Team It is important to remain connected with each member of the team and help them work towards their passion

By Aakanksha Bhargava

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When I started my journey in the relocation industry, I definitely didn't feel welcomed at all. I was young, treated like an underdog and considered as someone who was born with a silver spoon; a child who already had a family legacy to pursue. My team (then) had no expectation or respect except for the fact that I was the boss's daughter and rightly so, I hadn't achieved anything till that time to become a the leader they would look up to. The industry was full of veterans—it still is—with competition all across spectrums. I couldn't spot anyone of my age and character across the industry. I found my passion in the idea of "impacting lives of people around me and offering stress-free end-to-end relocation solutions to my customers'. A lot wasn't tapped earlier and the industry was still in its nascent stage. Even now, relocation is not yet an industry, but part of everything else.

While climbing up the growth curve, we realized various challenges of not just sourcing people, breaking the stereotype but also motivating people and building a unique culture which people would love to join despite being from unconventional origins. Where others saw impenetrable barriers, I took up the challenge to embrace the obstacle and work towards strengthening my team and encourage them to see the vision I saw with respect to our organization.


I wouldn't have been able to survive a single day if this was not my calling. If moving homes wasn't making me like I was the game-changer in my own way, I wouldn't have been happy doing it. There is nothing that beats passion and the madness for what truly inspires you. Hence, we ensure that at firm we are a bunch of passionate people who come together for realizing a collective goal of impacting the lives of people who are associated with us. Whether they are our colleagues or our customers and clients we ensure that working here is a joyous experience. So, I always encourage my team to remember that the only way to do great work is to love what they do. And if they haven't found that one motivating thing yet, then they should keep looking and not settle down. Apart from this we also encourage our employees to pursue their passion for their personal goals and growth. For instance we are routinely a part of our employees' aspiration. This way our employee feel more connected and bonded with the DNA of the company since the company offers a holistic handholding experience for their careers.


The most important attribute when doing anything in life is the intent behind it. My reason of being an entrepreneur is very clear and it was long back when I discovered it. It is very important to work with your team in such a way that they understand the intent behind their work. Having the intent to succeed is very crucial to be able to be clear and for an environment which invites criticism and is open for members to be able to share. If one's intent is right they will always have the right people to support them in their growth stories.

Leaders Create Leaders

Tom Peters rightly puts it by saying that, "Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders." Hence, one should inspire their team to be leaders and not followers only. It's important to provide one with apt understanding and resources to be able to be better team mangers and leaders since the management physically cannot impact each and every individuals working with them. Which is why one needs to not only lead by example but also teach their immediate team to start leading with the right examples so that the vision of the company reaches each and everyone.

Always Reward Your People

It is important to reward your people however big or small. This way you can reinstate the fact that you are the same today as you were when you started the journey. Because as the company grows, it becomes a lot more difficult to interact and reach out to each and every one personally. Hence, one needs to empower people and teams so that the same chain is established by managers for their teams. Because if you keep rewarding the people at the right time with the right efforts they would realize the worth of the same and that the company is thinking about its employees every single time.

Sharing Experiences

It is essential to keep sharing experiences and feedback with your team whether they are success or failures. This is crucial as only then people will realise the worth of their contribution towards the entire journey of the company. If something goes wrongs make them a part of that story. As if you don't make them a part of it they would not feel a part of it. Likewise when you are successful you should share it with your team so that they feel a part of the success story as much as you do.

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