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3 Essential Features To Look For In a Work-From-Anywhere Platform Young startups and budding entrepreneurs can benefit from this digital transformation as it makes them cost-effective

By Annil Chandel

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The year 2020 was a year of remote working. Despite the challenges one of the positive outcomes of COVID-19 was the acceleration of digital transformation, especially the use of video, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Today, as more and more businesses are making the digital shift, the work-from-anywhere platforms and software are becoming essential to make remote working smooth and successful. Young startups and budding entrepreneurs can benefit from this digital transformation as it makes them cost effective and gives them access to multiple geographies to hire talent and access customers.

Here are features that entrepreneurs should be mindful of before choosing their virtual workspace platform.

Easy to deploy: The word 'smart' has seen a sharp incline in its usage over the last decade. Smart workplaces abundant with technology, have and continue to shape the commercial space. The remote working platforms have offered the same definition to physical office spaces by virtually recreating them. Today, young startups and entrepreneurs should invest in work from anywhere platforms that can be installed quickly and at scale. This reduces the induction period and helps businesses function from the first moment. A work from anywhere platform that offers personalized solutions to startups and helps design their own individual space is the need of the hour. It helps reflect a businesses' ethos and work environment, but "smartly". A digital workplace that incorporates all the important components an entrepreneur needs to successfully manage his remote workforce is important. The platform should be able to deploy dedicated communication channels, project management software, file sharing, access controls, and third-party integration easily. It should be an all-in-one application that allows employees to work together even when they are working from home. While looking for a "virtual office space", entrepreneurs should also look for scalability while at the same time meeting the rising demands parallel to their growth.

Easy to use: A young startup usually works with smaller teams and with work from anywhere, these teams are often distributed. In today's new normal, startups need work from anywhere platforms that bring teams together and makes them feel a part of the larger work environment. While choosing their work from anywhere platforms, entrepreneurs should assess its user compatibility. It should be easy to use by all the team members including the older generation that may have challenges using technology. Intuitive user interfaces (UI), graphics and neat design, need for low internet while enhancing the audio and video communication, chat, etc., are some features that make it user friendly. Most importantly, by recreating the exact physical office, the platform can also build a sense of nostalgia and belonging to the office. Remember the "water cooler moments" where we would just catch up with colleagues beyond our teams? An effective work from anywhere platform should be able to encourage such social interactions as well. Easy to access: As a benefit of working from anywhere, the employees have the freedom to choose their workspace as per their requirements. With the communication and task being cloud-based, it is easier for them to be accessible from remote locations, while managing their respective tasks on multiple devices such as mobile, laptop, PC, etc. SaaS (software-as-a-service) distribution model has enabled workers to access work from anywhere tools from remotest geographic locations with internet connectivity. This keeps motivation levels high and retention levels can be maintained. It also gives the entrepreneurs and startups an opportunity to hire talent from multiple geographies giving them access to a larger pool. An effective work from anywhere platform should replicate the physical office space while seamlessly keeping their teams connected.

Yes, we miss being in an office and to interact with our colleagues. Yes, there are naysayers for work from anywhere platforms, as there is blurring between work and personal space. But in changing times, the pros outweigh the cons. Businesses that can function digitally, must function digitally. It not only ensures the safety of our own teams but also helps the new age of entrepreneurs save budget by strategically investing in hybrid solutions that include virtual workplaces instead of spending on resources required to only maintain physical office space.

Investing in and implementing a unified digital workplace in the organization instead of using various multiple tools for different purposes can replace "remote" working with working from anywhere but together.

Annil Chandel

CEO, Wurkr

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