#3 Ways to Be Healthy That You Won't Hear from The Media

Adopting a vegetarian diet for SOME of your meals each day can significantly reduce your chances for heart disease, cancer, and diabetes

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If you get all of your news and information from popular television stations and magazines, STOP! I know, I know, it's kind of a shock when someone tells you that your favorite sources of news, are not always that accurate.

People often become programmed to believe that if the media says it's true, then it must be true. Usually, without digging any deeper for more information. I get it. But listen, the media is feeding us wrong information all of the time, particularly about health and wellness. Some news anchor or talk show host is always offering some kind of new miracle vitamin, supplement, diet, or exercise trend that is now the RIGHT way to get healthy.

It can be different and contradicting from week to week, just showing that there is usually some kind of agenda to make money or sell you something behind it all.

Your health is your wealth, so don't let just anyone from mainstream media tell you what's good for you. You need to do your own research, but in the meantime, check out these 3 ways to be healthy that the media will never tell you. Oh, and don't take my word for it, do some research yourself!

Exercise If You Want A Healthy Mental State

We all know that exercise is good for our body, but not everyone knows that it's also vital to our mental state. Feeling cloudy, unmotivated, unfocused, or depressed? You don't necessary have to go running to the psychiatrist looking for some meds. Dependency on these kinds of medications is risky, and the side effects they cause can be detrimental for your health.

The studies out there make it hard to deny that exercise is conducive to better mental health. According to Harvard Health Publications, one of the best ways to get rid of depression is to exercise. Another study, published in 1999, focused on depression in 156 participants for sixteen weeks. After asking the participants to exercise consistently for the duration of this time, they found that 60%-70% found that their depression decreased.

Adopt A Vegetarian Diet

Alright, relax, seriously. All of this stress isn't very good for your health. You don't have to give up your precious cheeseburgers and juicy steaks forever. However, adopting a vegetarian diet for SOME of your meals each day can significantly reduce your chances for heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Ever heard of meatless Monday? Just start there. Choose a few days out of the week to eat only vegetarian meals. It's honestly not so bad.

One of the most famous studies of the vegetarian/vegan diet is The China Study, which looked into rural communities in China and what their diets were like versus their rate of sickness and death. They actually found that the people in these communities, rarely, if ever, died from western diseases like heart attacks or cancer. In fact, a pivotal moment in the book is when the author mentions interviewing a local woman about breast cancer. She said that she had heard of breast cancer before, but she never knew of anyone having it. Isn't that incredible!?

And, Kris Carr from Crazy, Sexy, Cancer, built a whole empire on her journey from finding out she had an incurable cancer, to keeping it steady by changing to a raw vegan diet. She still is alive today, years after her diagnosis, and in great health.

Say Yes To Advanced Treatments

Stem cells are such a taboo topic because they are widely misunderstood. Many people still think that the only way to obtain them is from fetuses. This, my friends, is not the case. Stem cells are frequently harvested from blood, bone marrow, or even the patient's adipose tissue. When Umbilical cords are utilized as a source they are attached to healthy and very much ALIVE children.

Even other countries like Canada, France, and Japan, have been using stem cell therapy and getting very positive results. While the U.S is still up in arms about how moral the whole thing is, other countries are using stem cells successfully to help people get healthy.

According to NSI Stem Cell, stem cell therapy is proving to help people with Diabetes in particular. It works to reduce the need for insulin injections by lowering blood sugar in patients. "These stem cells are also working to reduce inflammation, regenerate damaged cells, and regulate the immune system".

Are you surprised by any of this? Maybe? I at least hope that it's made you a little more curious and willing to dig deeper into the stories you hear on the news and try to make sense of it on your own. Your health depends on it!

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