#4 Tips to Choose the Best Gifts this Diwali for Corporate Employees

Corporate gifts reflect the image of the company

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The tradition of Diwali has a long history in India, and attached to this long history is the age-old custom of gifting. Over the years, gifting has not only been an integral part of this festival between friends and families but the practice has also extended to the Indian corporate sector.


The growing trend for corporate gifting over the years has been a gesture to nurture and strengthen relationships between customers and employees. Unlike personal gifts, corporate gifts reflect the image of the company and should be able to strike a balance between personal sentiment and professional behavior. A properly timed, appropriate and appreciable gift within the stipulated budget is the best way of making optimum use of corporate gifts.

The corporate gifting market in India is an estimated INR 12000 crore industry, growing at over 200% per annum. Resulting from bulk gift orders, companies usually pay 15-20% additional budget due to multiple issues like pilferage, loss during storage and cost of manpower etc. Online corporate gifting on the other hand can solve the issues related to the conventional and physical gifts companies have been facing throughout.

Below are the four key tips for corporates to make gifting a seamless process for employees and clients (within the country and overseas).

E-currency Gifting: Monetary value in gifting has always held high importance, be it personal or corporate. With the onset of technology and post demonetization, corporates can make optimal use of monetary gifting through e-currency.

E-currency holds high importance with today's working executives, which in essence is a currency. It gives the receiver liberty to purchase from multiple options and sets aside worries like making corporate gifts appreciable, choosing the right kind of gift, loss in inventory management and so on. Multiple brands have joined hands with gift tech companies to cater to this segment during Diwali

Multi-brand Digital Gift Cards: In the new age digital gifting paradigm, corporates can also opt for a multi- brand digital gift card, which will allow the receiver choice of redeeming across a range of stores, brands and other single-brand gift cards. A lot of times the receiver can get far greater value than the card denomination, based on the partner participating in the gift card.

Customized Online Gifts: Online gifts which are customized are considered to be more thoughtful, warm and personal for the receiver. Such gifts are always more memorable for the receiver and create an everlasting impression. Multiple gift tech companies are offering customized online gifts this Diwali with company branding and Diwali messages. An interesting corporate gift idea is a digital gift card with a unique and personal message for every employee

Experiential Gifting: From an array of products to bespoke services like holiday, spa/beauty treatment, fine-dine, etc. experiential gifting can help curate an unforgettable experience for employees and clients.