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#5 Life-Changing Lessons to Learn from the Game of Football A successful entrepreneur is one who understands the goals, defines his vision, and envisions a winning strategy.

By Yuvrajsinh Vaghela

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I have lived in a country that is addicted to sports, especially cricket. I have grown up listening to tales of cricket, and have known more cricketers than any other sports person. But, my personal favorite has always been football. The love for football came with my first attempt to kick the ball, and fail. The aggression and the passion that the footballer feels for the game, brushes onto the spectator too! This is also one of the reasons why I fell head over heels in love with the game.

Though I never aced the game, I never miss a single match during the football league games. I do play a bit here and there even now but, it is what the game has taught me that makes it so special for me. If you are not as passionate about football or, don't like watching it, you will probably like these lessons that come with football. Today, I would like to share with you those life changing lessons that football has taught me, which has helped me to take the next level of entrepreneurship. Incorporating them into your life may help you grow as an entrepreneur or as an individual in your life.

#1 Set Your Goals

Haven't we all heard about how important it is to set your goals, even before you get started with the work? It is the goal that helps you work through the strategy and build your best plan.

Before the football season begins, the goals for the teams are set, and put in place. They begin understanding the matches they would be playing, and the ones they would forego, and the goals they aim to achieve through these matches. Once the league games are set, and the goals defined, they can put together a winning strategy. Most coaches help the team with the winning strategy which includes who will play, who won't, and that is based on what they aim to achieve in the matches. The coaches would encourage the players to write down their goals, and keep them handy (place them where you can see them clearly each day). The visibility of the goals will help you achieve them.

Similarly in life, you need to define a goal, and accordingly put together a strategy that will help you prioritize your vision, and work towards achieving the goals.

A successful entrepreneur is one who understands the goals, defines his vision, and envisions a winning strategy.

Write down your goals, and make sure you have long-term goals as well as short-term goals. Make sure the goals are visible on a daily basis, as that will help you accomplish them with ease. The more you see your goals, and actually write them down, the easier it would be for you to put up a strategy and achieve the goal.

#2 Appreciate What You Have

Most often than not, we fail to appreciate the small things we have, in order to achieve something big.

Football can bring you great luck and prosperity, but, at the same time sheer bad luck can ring in at the end of your career. The game is rough and aggression is on its high, which is why you will hear of incidents that have led to the end of a strong career. One such match that took place at Old Trafford in 1996, wherein David Busst collided with MU's Denis Irwin, and broke his leg, which led to the end of his career, is an example of how football can bring you fame, and lead you to earth as well. While the career is ruined, the spirits are left strong and unharmed! That's what football teaches you- to learn to appreciate the smallest of happiness and fame.

Your career life could be shorter than your own life, which is why you should appreciate whatever you have received in that short life. At the same time, you should have a back-up plan ready, in case your plan fails to take off. While the career in football has ended, the player would look for options that will help them carry on with their passion, and live a strong life. This is what you need to ape in your life too. Build a plan, follow it with your heart, and be passionate about it, but don't forget to have a back-up plan handy. The moment your original fail you, set the back-up plan rolling, and be content with what life gives you.

#3 Practices Makes You Perfect

The way a footballer values practice, despite knowing the outcome of the match can very well be a draw, is something you should appreciate. Most of us believe we are skilled enough, and fail to value the importance of practice.

Even the top footballer at the moment, Messi undergoes practice and fails to strike the goal the way he should during a match. Despite knowing that there would be days when he would not be able to score even, Messi does not deny practice, and makes sure he can improve his skills with practice.

In life, akin to football, there would be days when your skills won't pay off just because you did not practice for the day. Let's compare your presentation moment with a football game. Chances are your presentation is as good as the one competing you, but, with practice and complete understanding of how the opponent will play, and what your moves should be then, you are capable of winning the bid. This is what the game teaches you- with practice you would understand your moves, build a strategy to fight the opponent, and give your best fight. It is when you are ready with answers, and can survive through the grilling that you really win the bid, and get the best project of your life.

#4 Importance of Discipline

A footballer is indeed a role model of discipline. It is not easy to manage your game with your studies, and rank up. That's why the game requires a certain discipline, not just in terms of practice, but also in terms of food, and the kind of life you lead. A footballer's lifestyle is nothing to envy about, as they have to make sure they are ready for practice early up and finish their homework before heading to bed. This is how a footballer grows from just another kid into a successful player. At each moment, there are people evaluating the footballer-right from the coach to the friends and fellow-mates to their own parents. Early on in life, they learn to be accountable for their actions, and keep improving themselves.

In life, you will need to make sure you are disciplined, and understand the value of self-evaluation and accountability. You should know what your actions will lead to, and should be ready to pay a price for these actions. The more disciplined you are in your actions, the more responsible you will be with time. Keep motivating, and aiming higher in life, and track your movement to understand if you can really achieve what you have set out to.

#5 Teamwork is Essential

In football, the team acts like a family that works together to win a match. The spirit of teamwork is best portrayed through a game of football, where everyone understands their role perfectly, and has each other's back. In case, even one of them fails to perform in the moment, the other one takes ownership, and proceeds towards achieving the goal. The whole team together builds the game, and keeps working in sync with each other. This spirit should be learned and aped in real life too. You should work like a family, and have each other's back in order to contribute your best, and achieve the goals of life or profession. Working together will help achieve the goals within the defined timeline.

Football is indeed more than just a game! It teaches you real-life lessons that will help you grow as an individual, and build your life in the truest form. If you incorporate these five life-changing lessons to your work or personal side, you will not only improve what you have but also build something beautiful. While there is a lot more to football, these five lessons are indeed the most important ones.

Yuvrajsinh Vaghela

Business Growth Strategist, Space-O Technologies

Yuvrajsinh is a Business Growth Strategist at Space-O Technologies. He keeps exploring online tools that can help Entrepreneurs to grow their business organically. In his spare time, he loves to read fiction and copywriting books.

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