5 New Olympic Sports That Have Hit the Charts In 2021

Get ready for new games that will take place at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021

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Since the inception of Olympic Games, there have been various changes, addition or removal, of sporting disciplines. These change encourages sports enthusiasts to participate.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics is all set to bring some exciting events in 33 sports events, spanning over 339 medal events and 42 venues. Unfortunately, this was cancelled last year and is set for 2021. This competition is scheduled under COVID protocols. Well, you must be excited to hear about the new Olympics events coming up. These are five new games that will take place at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021:

1. Surfing


The exciting Olympic sport that is noteworthy for the athletes to participate in is Surfing. All the men and women who are interested in competing against each other in Surfing can participate. Although, the chances for the cancellation of this event are less as there is no reflection of the wave. Well, this event will be continuing for the next few years till 2024. Athletes have the feasibility to compete at their time.

2. Skateboarding

Skateboarding is one of the most exciting events that took place for the first time at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic event. This event will be the main focus for athletes this year as well. This game-changer event is approved to
be continued for the Paris Olympic event too. The event features precisely two Skateboard programs, one in the park and the other in the street. Both these programs have two rounds that are prelims and finals. In the park Skateboard program, the competition will be conducted in a smooth bowl-shaped dome. The competitors will be judged based on their original tricks used for performances. The street Skateboard program will involve
performing stairs, rails, and other features in real-time activities.

3. Baseball and Softball

Baseball is the most popular Olympic event taking place in the Nippon Professional Baseball League. It is a top-notch sport event present in all Olympics Competition iterations. All male athletes can participate in
Baseball events, whereas all women athletes are looking forward to participate in Softball events.

4. Sport Climbing

Sport Climbing is another Olympic sports event taking place at the Tokyo Olympics. This is a single event divided into three programs. These three programs are speed, bouldering, and lead. Athletes need strength and must have steepness because sport climbing needs skills and technique to accomplish feats in this competition. Athletes must be flexible enough to participate in this event. Well, the winner of the event will be decided based on the above three programs.

5. Karate

Karate is an Olympic sports game that has evolved from Japan. This sports event has its roots in championships since the 1970s. At the Tokyo event, Karate will entail two Karate programs, one is Kata and the other is Kumite. In the Kata program, the competitors will be judged on the techniques that they are using for forming demonstrations. The Kumite program is a mat competition where there is a head-to-head competition between athletes.