Are You Drinking Safe Water? Things You Should Know About the Water You're Drinking

Water purification and filtration are often spoken about. Hear out some things that Lakshitaa Khanna, India's first female water sommelier artist, has to say about drinking water that you probably were still unaware of

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Over the past few years or even a decade, people have gotten more conscious about the things they consume and the water they are drinking. RO purified water and other filtration methods are proving to be not enough, with people treading towards organic natural mineral water.

Lakshitaa truly believes that understanding the rights pairing of the nectar of the earth - Water can significantly transform the delectable journey that one decides to take on domestically or internationally. Let's see what India's first female water sommelier has to say about the water you drink.

All water isn't the same


A water sommelier knows how to differentiate between different water samples all over the world. Lakshita has had the privilege to study and taste the water in different parts of the world; and has an in-depth understanding of what makes every sample distinct.

Many factors such as the dissolved polymers and the soil where the water comes from changing the composition of water. Water in different parts of the world has subtle nuances in flavour that each region, PH Value, mineral content, and more to offer.

The minerals such as calcium dissolved in water also have a lot to do with its origin. The pH levels can help make a clear distinction of low or high mineral content or other factors. Thus, different types of water samples can be differentiated easily.

What you should know about the water you're drinking

While millennials would like to believe they know a lot, there are some things you probably don't know about the water you're drinking. Even when it comes to mineral water, the right kind of water must be chosen. Tap water or water samples too high in minerality must not be used for drinking. While nutrient-rich water is the new thing people go for, how rich it is can make a lot of difference.

Water Sommeliers, their opportunities, and the role they play

Water sommeliers play an important role in creating awareness. In an era where RO purified water is considered to be the Holy Grail, they recognize the importance of naturally enriched water.

Lakshitaa has taken up the responsibility to share her knowledge of this concealed art form through her work. She has also designed a brand of mineral water - Bodh, which is set to be an authentic representation of her quest.

With water shortages and impurities spawning all over the world, sommeliers play an important role in channelizing water to be fit for consumption, from a natural source, without any treatment. Do you know what kind of water you're drinking? If not, now is the time to get curious.