Celebrate Father's Day With These Awesome Movies To Watch With Your Super Dad

Happy Father's Day!

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With Father's Day just around the corner, we are sure you might be thinking of innovative ways to pamper your super dad. While thoughtful gifts and grand plans are always welcome, snuggling in together with popcorn and a great movie surely beat the rest. Movie-time is something we all can engage in, no matter how we are placed right now.


Before you get into a Netflix search rabbit hole, we are here to recommend films that make for a perfect fit for the Father's Day weekend.

Here are the top movies that are not only going to keep you glued to the screen but also celebrate dads beautifully.

The pursuit of happyness

Played by the real father-son duo Will and Jaden Smith, this film will tug at your heartstrings no matter how many times you watch it. Chris Gardner is a name that has been etched in many lives as he traverses life through a series of hardships.

While he tries to make ends meet, and faces one obstacle after the other, you see the son and father facing the worst together. You see them at their lowest, when they are forced to stay in homeless shelters. Even through all this, Chris remains a loving father and a positive inspiration for his son. Watching this with your father will leave tears in both your eyes.


Interstellar shows us the power of the bond that can surpass multiple dimensions. Not only is this movie a masterpiece in showcasing life beyond Earth, but it is also an emotional roller-coaster. A father is forced to make a tough choice of never seeing his family again, so that they can have a home to live in.

The combined power of the daughter and father saves the lives of an entire planet, while also showing the lengths to which the two can live for and understand each other.


Based on a true story on wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat, Dangal has been abolishing stereotypes with a lawn-mower. Seeing a father going to extreme lengths to challenge societal norms to train his daughters into wrestling champions inspires every pore of your body. Every scene fills you up with tears over the power and love of a father towards his children and his undying belief in their capabilities.

Daddy's Home

To add some humour to your watchlist, Daddy's home makes for a splendid choice. The film is about a step-dad trying to get the attention of his wife's kids when their biological father returns. You won't get to experience an emotional riptide, but we surely recommend a light and fun watch from the likes of Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg.

We all know how Father's Day is not really limited to a single day, but we recommend using this "international day' to give yourselves a solid reason to sit back and relax. Far or close, a movie is something that can bring everyone together. We hope you have a great screening - and for the ones separated by miles, we've heard the application Discord is a great streaming option. Happy watching!