Harun Robert: Your Art Guy Next Door

Inspiring, entertaining, and aspirational, the three words perfectly define Rob's content, which has now taken a drastic leap from a television medium to a digital one

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Everyone, at some point, has been passionate about art at a tender age. Sadly, that passion dies out while growing up. Luckily, it did not for Harun Robert, lovingly known as Rob. He was the host and face of the popular do-it-yourself television show M.A.D on Pogo. You might not remember his tips and tricks, but his face and name have surely left a mark on your life.

Inspiring, entertaining, and aspirational, the three words perfectly define Rob's content, which has now taken a drastic leap from a television medium to a digital one. "I saw a lot of potential in the digital space. Content consumption was moving from TV to digital initially across metros, and slowly & steadily, I saw this pattern changing across smaller markets too. So I started shooting DIY tutorials and uploading them on YT channel," he shares. However, in spite of being a popular figure in the 2000s in the children's art segment, he had to do a lot of unlearning to understand how the digital medium worked.

When he started his channel, he only gained 1500 subscribers in the initial years. However, that has mushroomed into a community of 5 million across multiple social platforms. His content ranges from tutorials, vlogs, reels, short form, branded content, and art installations to name a few. Once he has an idea in mind, he then figures out which form it will take and makes a prototype for it. The last step is the content planning.

Talking about his first video which went viral, he shares "I honestly still feel proud, patriotic and get goose bumps every time I watch that content piece". It was a set of three massive freedom fighter portraits which we made with more than 3500 paper cups and light bulbs. They managed to create a larger-than-life installation.

Being in this space for close to two decades, Rob has worked with several brands and his objective has always been to understand the brand brief and marry it with his content. A new year seeks a new version of Rob. He believes that, as an artist, it is important to keep on evolving.


  • YT Channel Est Year - 2015
  • Number of subscribers on YT: 2.48M
  • Number of followers on Instagram: 2 M
  • Brand partnerships: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Red Bull, Asus, Alpenliebe, Google, Disney, Nestle, Royal Enfield, Oaksmith, Skill share, Real me , PUBG, HP etc.
Paromita Gupta

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