Why Millennials are Going Minimal

Just a couple of basic makeup essentials and she is ready to rock her wedding day

By Asif Memon • Dec 1, 2018


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The wedding season of this year has begun and we hear wedding bells all around. The season of tying the knot has witnessed several changes over the years and so, has the trend in bridal make-up. Though the bold full make-up look of the bride does not go out of fashion, the millennials in recent times are going for softer shades - millennial pink making a wave - and a natural look with minimal make-up.

The Indian wedding consists of a chain of events – starting from the engagement party to the ceremony of Mehendi, the much-awaited sangeet and the main event followed by a magnificent reception. It takes meticulous preparation to make all these events an unforgettable memory while keeping an imperative focus of the look of the bride.

Brides of the millennial generation are very much in harmony with the knowledge of the beauty and makeup trends – thanks to social media! It is whole new ball game with brides opting for softer shades such as pink, peach, earthy tones etc. which gives them a natural look. Some also go for a minimal glitter to help them "glow' on their memorable day.

Less is More

The Indian brides have comprehended that less is more with wedding day make-up. It helps them develop their own personal style and brings out their natural beauty. They are opting for a soft, naturally pretty finish. Brides want the skin to be light and dewy (but not shiny) and full coverage (but not cakey). Minimal make-up accentuates the natural unique features of the bride while giving her a flawless version of herself. The bride does not need to wear full-face make-up with 30 different beauty products to look beautiful. Just a couple of basic makeup essentials and she is ready to rock her wedding day.

Skincare awareness

One of the primary reasons for the brides to go minimal in make-up is the rise of skincare awareness. Make-up does harm your skin if the right ingredients are not used. "Natural' is the talk of the town at the moment. Earlier, consumers would slather, lather, rub and spray different skin care products on their body every day; and since our skin acts more like a sponge than a barrier, they absorbed all the harmful chemicals. However, in today's world, the majority of consumers are health conscious and the demand for natural ingredients is gaining momentum.

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