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How Adventure Sports can Heal Entrepreneurs Adventure sports also help in healing quite a few health problems

By Akash Korgaonkar

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"Entrepreneurship' is the word that immediately creates a positive vibe amongst the people around. As rosy as it seems entrepreneurship, in reality, is an extremely stressful role.

The demanding role of an entrepreneur requires an active mind and a constant thought process. The challenges are extended when the entrepreneurs goes back home at the end of the day. Giving quality time at home, and also taking care of the basic daily needs of the family members is also a factor that adds on to the stress level of the job creators.

There are a lot of things that entrepreneurs worry about. The long list comprises – access to capital, clients, selecting the right talents and retaining them, managing time, workload, risk factors. There is a huge psychological price that entrepreneurs choose to pay to set on their sails of dreams. Stress can often prove to be fatal for anyone, including entrepreneurs. It is only wise that entrepreneurs learn to handle their stress. Stress can bring along health issues like – heart problems, obesity, diabetes, headaches, heartburn, etc.

These days, it takes no doctors for someone to understand the importance of de-stressing oneself amidst all the stress that one goes through in a day. Different people find different ways to de-stress themselves. A lot of entrepreneurs to keep themselves fit, indulge in various sports activities to de-stress themselves from tension and anxiety.

Adventure sports can de-stress and also keep them fit. Adventure sports, like any other sports, help the participants to maintain physical fitness. Unlike mainstream sports, alternate sports do not come with the major goal of winning. Rather, they focus on participants to complete the sport. For instance, marathons, camping, trail runs, rock climbing, rappelling, and canoeing, are some of the alternate sports that are helping people to be happy from within. Adventure sports bring in a sense of achievement after completing them as a participant.

Recently, human resource officers of many companies are approaching people organising Adventure sports to break the monotony of corporate life for their employees. HRs is no more the grim people who are confined in their cabins. With the generation Y coming into the job sector, as the baby-boomers are making way for them, HRs have found the new way of retaining talents. Organising alternate sports as outdoor events are a hit with the young employees of the organisations. HRs and management heads have noticed the difference in output and productivity after they have taken the initiative to arrange for sports for the employees.

There is not much of a hassle on the part of the organisations when they want to arrange for such activities. There are a number of Adventure sports event companies who organise these sports. They understand your business and conceptualise customized events from the beginning till the end.

Nowadays, many corporate houses have connected with lifestyle management companies to plan and execute customised sports activities for various employees in their organisation. This is a surging trend and definitely a positive one.


Beyond helping the entrepreneur de-stress, Adventure sports also help in healing quite a few health problems. Partaking in any alternate sports ensures that entrepreneurs get relief from their regular complaints of backpain, frozen shoulder, and neck pain. Activities like hiking, running, rock climbing definitely pushes for a lot of motor movements that gives them a break from the sedentary lifestyle that they are confined to. These activities are also proving to be a motivational booster for the employees of the companies

Akash Korgaonkar

Founder, Ruggedian Lifestyle

Akash Korgaonkar is the founder of Ruggedian Lifestyle. 
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