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How Destination Weddings Are Creating Business For Wedding Planners New-age couples want to make their marriage special so that it is remembered by everyone

By Mazhar Nadiadwala

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Marking the union of two individuals, marriage is a momentous occasion that every couple wants to remember for the rest of their lives. Destination weddings, a growing trend among Indians, are becoming the choice of the season. Indians typically love celebrating their special day with close family and friends. However, new-age couples want to make this event very memorable that would be remembered by everyone.

While planning for a destination wedding, one of the key challenges faced is around logistics. For example, in an unknown country or city, the couple's family members wouldn't have or know the nitty-gritties to arrange for last minute exigencies. This is where wedding planners help in providing their professional assistance to make sure the day is special for the newlyweds. The wedding planning business in India was a concept for the elite but with a growth spurt in the spending capacity and the want of a hassle -free, well organized wedding, a considerable number of people are opting for it.

Considering a rise in disposable income among millenials, most new couples tend to spend almost one-third of their savings on weddings thus contributing to their family's expenditure in the same. From choosing the most exotic locales with beautiful backdrops to the best in-class catering and designer bespoke outfits for the bride and the groom complimenting the theme of the wedding, millennials are choosing to invest in grand thematic weddings. As per a recent study, the Indian destination wedding industry is projected to reach a market size of INR 45,000 crore by 2020. In addition to these, celebrity weddings and endorsements, especially social media amplification has majorly contributed to this growth.

In the recent past, we have witnessed celebrity weddings in exotic foreign locales such as Italy and Greece, among others. However, not just abroad, even the Indian hospitality industry is booming due to such destination weddings. Many locations such as Rajasthan, Goa and their outskirts are increasingly being favoured by the millennial generation.

A thriving Indian wedding market along with the rise in destination weddings has created ample opportunities for wedding planners because such high-end weddings require attention to detail and only an experienced planner can pull this off. Event planning is an art, and planners have a definite format on how to accurately project the amount of supplies necessary. From advising on the food portions to reduce any wastage to creating the perfect décor and interiors along with the invites, it requires professionalism and experience of the highest degree, which can only be provided by a good wedding planner.

While a wedding planner will listen to the client's brief, they will always add their own touch, reflecting the bride and the groom's style, to enhance the experience. A good planner will also help you set your budget and implement the perfect plan within the given financial budget.

So, while you are busy at work, spending time with your partner, and making essential choices about your future, the wedding planner is only focused on making your wedding day, the most perfect day.

Mazhar Nadiadwala

Managing Director, Dome Entertainment Pvt Ltd

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