How To Market Fashion Brands Using Scarce Resources

While creating a brand is tough, it is even more difficult to make it an established name

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Consumer fashion is one of the most eclectic industries to work with. But when it comes to market the business, it becomes a little tricky. Here are a few tips that brands can follow.

Website-user engagement

Analytics is a powerful tool; they let you study the criteria of the choice of your customers, buying intent and past purchases. Your customers are your prized-possessions and creating an aided-recall with them by reminding them about the latest offers and news is a must. Some features that accentuate customer experience are push notifications, website messages, chat messenger and regular emails; the message should be clear and crisp, the attention span of your audience is three minutes. So, instead of shoving your website with content, make sure it is crisp and valuable. Secondly, all the information should be readily available, be it the payment-gateways or let's say how many days it will take for the order to be dispatched. Some other tips to leverage the information to your customers include:

  • Add a visible search box: This will allow the customer to ballpark their requirements and will save their time.
  • Reduce the page loading time: Any less time consuming and fast user experience will let the user spend time on relevant stuff more.
  • Get your link game correct: Add hyperlinks to the content, this will let your audience stick to your website more.
  • Add the details about each product: Customers also do their own research before ordering a product, thus stay away from exaggerated claims.
  • Prominent payment gateways is a must.
  • Backlinking your website: Get backlinks from the relevant niche websites; this will help search engines recall your content and credibility.

Join the Marketplaces Network

Make a list of other websites that sell similar products. This is a way to increase your customer base. Of course, they churn some of the profits but there is a proportional increase in the customer base that increases revenue.

Get Featured On Media Platforms

It is often said "perception is perceived as reality", for building that perception make sure the brand leverages the correct message. The emails of journalists are brimmed with vast amounts of information, thus with all the content and information trying to get their attention. We need to be worthy of attention and we want them to feel that they've invested their time wisely. Today, traditional media landscape ceases to shift to New Media, where there is a better shelf-life and fast ways of communicating the information to the audience are available; public relations can even increase the client discovery and audience engagement by increasing the platforms where a brand is getting featured.

Maintain a Blog

A self-help blog can act as a microsite for your audience to learn and connect with your brand better. You can also add general content in the backend with correct keywords to increase the visibility and rank your website better. Here are a few examples with some general topics for your blog, that can create the valuable engagement:

  • How to choose clothing according to your body-type.
  • Learn to differentiate between fabrics.
  • Colors and trends that are trending this season.
  • Look-book of the celebrities these days.
  • Tips for wearing one dress in multiple ways; how to mix and match your clothing.
  • What are the new launches this season?
  • What fashion police is talking about.

Influencer and Celebrity Marketing

For this, maintain a correct database of the celebrity stylists who you can approach regularly, and know their requirements. These days a lot of celebrities work on credit-basis, they will don the attire depending upon the demand of the occasions and then will give the credits on their relevant social media channels. Secondly, not only celebrities, there are a lot of bloggers who can be approached via the brand and they also work on paid and barter collaborations.

Pallavi Mohadikar

Founder, Karagiri

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