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Do Women Really Spend More Than Their Male Counterparts? Women spend more than men and it is empowering, fulfilling and therapeutic

By Jagrati Shringi

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"I don't have anything to wear," says every woman, every morning. Shopping for women is different from shopping for men. It is not based on need but mostly mood driven. It is therapy. Women have an urge to treat themselves with retail therapy every now and then, and why not? The new Indian women are empowered, independent and self-sufficient. There is no harm in splurging on her favourites or buying her entire wish list once in a while.

Shopping- No More the Way it Used to Be

Shopping, for women, has seen a dramatic transformation over the last decade. With more women moving out of home, socialising and travelling the world and with an increase in the number of women becoming a part of the working population and earning their own bread, women have higher disposable income than before and are willing to spend not just on bare necessities but on aspirational lifestyle products because now she is the key decision maker.

Women are harder to please - consumer retail has traditionally given her more choices. She is now spoilt for choices and has more options to explore today than ever before. When we talk about her jewelry, from heirloom pieces to everyday accessories, her options are never-ending and fashion jewelry has become a mode of self-expression for her.

Shopping for Men and Women Has Never Been the Same

Women spend more time browsing their favourite shopping sites and apps and looking out for more. We take a longer time to arrive at a decision and are used to multiple choices, unlike men who do not enjoy window shopping or browsing and are not willing to spend much time and energy on shopping. We usually shop when necessary and stick to whatever is available without making efforts to explore more.

When we talk about occasion wear, women dress up with a lot of planning. How can we not? We have been playing dress up since we were five! We buy our clothes and then match our long list of accessories with the clothes and then coordinate our makeup accordingly. And not to forget the right shoes. Women rarely shop impulsively for any special occasion. We seek validation, appreciation and compliments from both women and men when we care to dress up. This validation is especially needed from other women since it comes from a place of understanding and knowledge. We know how easy or difficult it would be to get a pair of statement earrings and love it when our efforts are appreciated. But when it comes to everyday wear shopping, it is quite impulsive and is influenced by trends. Women don't tend to think much when they shop for casuals.

Men, on the other hand, prefer to stick to the basics and shop what is necessary. They know what they want and rarely change their minds at the point of purchase. Be it any occasion or everyday wear, they are easier to convince and can shop faster. They are not willing to spend much time and effort on shopping.

Women spend more than men and it is empowering, fulfilling and therapeutic. There is no battle of the sexes here; it is the difference in their motives, rationales and perspectives which makes their spending habits very different from the other.

Jagrati Shringi

Co-Founder/ CTO/ CMO- Voylla Fashions Pvt. Ltd

Jagrati Shringi, is the co-founding CTO  and CMO who brings elegance and grit to the fledgling brand. An NIT - Bhopal alumnus, Jagrati graduated from the University of Pittsburg and has 12 years of Tech experience, eight of which are in the fiercely competitive US market. A multi-tasker, Jagrati sailed through her PhD programme while working full time in a challenging profession.

She fights the gender stereotypes and heads the Tech Team at Voylla. She takes decisions based on the analytics and makes the decisions like a true entrepreneur. After 2 baby boys, she considers Voylla as her third baby. Jagriti works towards building the business and taking it higher by her passion and courage to take risks. She aspires to build a durable brand which will stand for value, quality and irresistible choices. She aims to change the way people shop for fashion jewelry and give them a product that makes shopping easier.

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